Health Benefits Of Hiking You Didn't Know About

Tuesday, 6th of March 2018

Hiking offers plenty of brilliant opportunities to explore stunning landscapes, undiscovered regions of the countryside and little known areas of natural beauty. Whatever your relationship is with the outdoors and wherever you love to go, we often forget that

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Top 5 Tips To Avoid Tick Bites

Friday, 8th of September 2017

Whether you're a fan of hiking, horse riding or dog walking, there's nothing worse than finding that a tick has managed to attach itself to you while you're outdoors. However, due to the soaring numbers of Lyme disease cases, ticks are more than just a nuisance

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Guide To Buying The Correct Horse Rug

Friday, 31st of March 2017

Going clothes shopping for your horse sounds a bit odd, but in truth it’s a rather fun undertaking. However that enjoyment should not make you dismiss the need for proper sizing. If a horse rug isn’t the right size for your animal, it can cause irritation

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Tips For Improving Lambing Rates

Thursday, 9th of February 2017

Lambing rates should not be thought of a measure of productivity, or profit. Aside from the fact that we’re dealing with animals here, livestock reproduction is subject to so many variables. It’s not just what you feed your flock -- how much room do they

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Welcome to Waterman's Country Supplies

Monday, 14th of July 2014

For the all those that live and breathe the country life, Waterman’s goal is to sit alongside you as your prime choice of Outdoor and Country Supplies. We've been servicing the agricultural trade within Devon and Somerset for more than 12 years now; purposing

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