11 Essential Tips To Avoid & Repel Midges When Outside

Friday, 29th of April 2022

From May through to September, midges will emerge from hibernation and cause a range of problems for people and animals alike. Flying in cloud-like swarms and often biting anyone they come in contact with, these tiny flying insects are a true menace to hikers,

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What Lambing Equipment Do I Need For Spring?

Wednesday, 30th of March 2022

The highs and lows of lambing season can leave you feeling rewarded and stressed in varying measure, but this time around we want to make things a little bit easier for you. Sheep farmers will almost always have a lambing supplies kit - a selection of must-haves

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Top 10 Best-Selling Riding Hats & Headgear

Friday, 25th of February 2022

If you're a horse rider, worker or handler, a high quality piece of equestrian safety headgear is crucial for your riding kit bag. Often only associated with those riding, racing and training, these safety helmets are designed to protect anyone who works around

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What Is The Difference Between GORE-TEX & Waterproof Fabric ?

Monday, 31st of January 2022

Whether you're facing light drizzles or full on downpours, every outdoor adventurer needs a brilliant jacket or coat to hold up against the harsh weather conditions. With myriad options available, it can sometimes be confusing to work out the different fabric

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7 Brilliant Torches For Hiking, Dog Walking & Outdoor Working

Friday, 17th of December 2021

If you're looking to find the ultimate torch to throw light on your surroundings, there are a few important things you need to consider before you go ahead and buy. With a vast number of illumination products available, factors like beam distance, battery

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