Waterman’s Christmas Gift Guide for Country Lovers

Tuesday, 10th of November 2020

Our 2020 Christmas gift guide details some of the best gifts you can get for all the country lovers in your life. From hunting shirts to bobble hats, socks to Hunter wellies, all the gifts mentioned in this post are sure to impress this festive season. We’ve

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Best Places To See Autumn Colours In The UK

Monday, 12th of October 2020

Autumn is officially here and it brings with it the magical sight of seeing the leaves change. You don’t need to travel to Japan, the USA or Canada to see the glory of autumnal nature. In this blog post, we will take you through some of the best places to

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Top 5 Dog Car Mats To Buy In 2020

Tuesday, 25th of August 2020

Here at Waterman's, we're real dog people and we understand how messy cars can get when transporting our favourite furry creatures. Autumn is just around the corner and that brings with it wet weather and muddy pups! Whether you’re looking for the best dog

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Equine First Aid Kit Essentials

Tuesday, 28th of July 2020

Having a well-stocked and accessible emergency first-aid kit for your horse will allow you to manage any minor injury. In this blog post, we will take you through some of our equine first aid kit essentials so that you can keep your horse in tip-top health.

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Our Essentials for Summer Hiking Adventures

Monday, 29th of June 2020

Hiking during the summer months can have its own unique set of challenges. Whether you’re contending with the uncharacteristic British heat or the typically unpredictable weather patterns, knowing what to bring on a summer hike can be tricky. 

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