Riding hats, half chaps, riding jackets and jodhpurs are all familiar favourites for keen equestrians, but the subject of riding gloves often raises a few questions: should I wear horse riding gloves in the summer? What fabric should I go for? And, aren't they just for beginners?

Ultimately, every rider should be wearing a pair of suitable horse riding gloves for extra grip, added comfort, and most importantly of all, improved safety. Donning a pair of gloves all year round (yes, even during summer!) will ensure that you never lose your reins, or let them cut into your hands.

You'll be able to avoid blisters and chafing, reduce friction burns during inspections and keep your hands cosy and warm during the cold winter months. Alternatively, you can get your hands on a breathable fabric pair to make wearing gloves more pleasant during hot weather and stifling conditions. There are also multipurpose gloves that will seamless transition into everyday stable use in both wet and dry conditions.

At Waterman's Country Supplies, we offer a huge range of horse riding gloves to meet your exact equestrian requirements, whether that be a short cuff style, a thermal design, a sleek, modern fit or a tactile pimple-palm grip. In our latest blog, Waterman's showcases some of our best-selling and most popular horse riding gloves from trusted brands, including Hy, MacWet and Coldstream.

Hy5 Multipurpose Stable Glove - Blue

Our most popular style of riding gloves comes in the form of these Hy5 Stable Gloves, featuring a close fit for a natural feel and touch in many areas of equestrian discipline. Made with a special nitrile coating over seamless lightweight nylon fabric, these gloves offer strength, dexterity, comfort and tear resistance in wet and dry conditions.

MacWet Mesh Short Cuff Riding Gloves - Black

For breathable dexterity and increased palm grip, MacWet Mesh Short Cuff Riding Gloves use a special Aquatec material that creates a sleek, skin-tight fit around your hands giving riders detailed control even in wet conditions. They're also easily machine washable, keeping MacWet clean in-between uses.

Hy Equestrian Cotton Pimple Palm Gloves

A popular choice for a superior grip, Hy Equestrian gloves make full use of a brilliant pimple-palm design that gives you secure tactile traction when you need it most. Comes with a 100% cotton knit and touch tape closure fastening wrist straps.

Hy5 Children's Every Day Two Tone Riding Gloves - Navy/Raspberry

Perfect for children who are just stepping into the world of horse riding, these Every Day Two Tone Riding Gloves are brilliant all-rounders for young equestrians. You'll experience an array of benefits while riding thanks to the extra padding on the rein fingers, a firm, secure grip, a comfortable feel and easy to fasten straps for effortless wearing.

Hy Equestrian Absolute Fit Glove - Black

If the fit and feel of your gloves is important to you then make sure you're wearing the Absolute Fit from Hy Equestrian. Practical, stylish and made from sumptuous synthetic suede, these gloves come with a reinforced forefinger and thumb, ensuring the perfect rein grip with high quality touch tape cuffs to provide an ultra snug and secure fit.

Coldstream Next Generation Blakelaw Diamante Riding Gloves

The future of riding gloves has arrived in the form of the Coldstream Next Generation. These Blakelaw Diamante Riding Gloves are engineered for exceptional lightweight performance, providing you with a close contact fit and feel and a carefully crafted fine mesh outer for increased ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable. The grip-enhancing material across the palm, thumb and fingers will give you next-level control over the reins and they're also smartly finished with delicate diamanté Coldstream detail.

Hy5 Storm Breaker Thermal Gloves - Black

A hand-warming winter essential. The Hy5 Storm Breaker Thermal Gloves are specially designed to keep the cold wind out thanks to the combined effect of a 40g Thinsulate inner lining that retains heat and a fully elasticated cuff that wraps snugly around the wrist. These gloves are enhanced with the addition of touchscreen compatible finger tips for a modern, practical finish.

Post By Ed Mason