Amidst the dark evenings, harsh weather conditions and plummeting temperatures, you may be wondering: does my dog need a coat this winter? Many dog breeds are lucky enough to already have a long, thick, insulating coat to combat the cold. However, many of our four-legged friends are much more susceptible to chilly conditions and need to be protected from the elements.

Typically, smaller dog breeds - such as dachshunds, Yorkshire terriers, whippets and poodles - will be susceptible to cold snaps. However, larger dogs with short coats - dalmatians, greyhounds and staffies - can also suffer when dog walking conditions worsen. It's also important to keep your dog protected if they get wet for long periods of time or if they're a more senior or vulnerable animal.

This is where dog coats and jackets come into play...

Dog coats and jackets are so much more than a fashion accessory. In fact, you'll find that there's an outdoor layer that's tailor-made to your dog breed and the winter conditions that you'll be braving - from rain and wind to cold waves, storms and snowfall.

In our latest blog, Waterman's Country Supplies have put together a list of our very best dog coats and jackets for the winter season. From classic waxed coats and quilted jackets, to reflective layers and Extreme Blizzard protection, we've got everything you need to keep your canine covered when the winter cold bites.

Firefoot Waxed Dog Coat

A classic outdoor dog coat with stylish yet practical appeal. This brown waxed jacket-style choice from Firefoot is warm, comfy and inspired by traditional countryside heritage. Made from a high quality, durable waxed cotton fabric and lined with a quilted padded check design.

Ancol StormGuard Dog Coat - Red

The StormGuard features a waterproof surface and an internal fleece lining with a design that provides full coverage for your dog's chest and body. Ideal for cold, rainy windy or stormy dog walks, this dog coat comes with adjustable fastenings and elasticated elements for the perfect fit. It also features reflective edging tape for added safety and increased visibility in the dark evenings.

Ancol Ultimate Reflective Dog Coat

If staying visible is crucial, the Ultimate Reflective Dog Coat will make sure your dog is always safe and seen in low light winter conditions. Providing full coverage for the chest and body, as well as a water-resistant surface to keep your pooch as clean and dry as possible, this coat is great for walks where safety and visibility in the dark is the top priority as it delivers 360-degree visibility.

Joules Quilted Dog Coat - Navy

Lightweight and smart with a thermal lining, this classic diamond quilted padded coat with fleece lining is fantastic at providing ultimate warmth in cold conditions. Quick and easy to put on and take off with Velcro fastenings, leads can also be attached through a hole in the top-centre of the coat.

Danish Design Tweed Dog Coat

Inspired by the practicality and style of heritage countryside fashion, this waterproof dog coat features full chest protection, a showerproof tweed fabric and a warm padded lining, making this coat perfect for town or country living.

Benji & Flo Waterproof Dog Coat

A waterproof must-have for full, uncompromising protection. This Benji & Flo Dog Coat is perfect for the winter months, featuring a reflective silver top half, a full-coverage design and an additional collar for even more protection. It's also made with a 600 denier outer and features a warm 100g fill to keep your dog cosy.

Ancol Extreme Blizzard Dog Coat - Red

As the name suggests, the Extreme Blizzard Dog Coat is designed to protect your dog against the harshest wet weather conditions, including sleet and snow. The coat also has layers protecting your dog's body from water, brambles and mud along with a tough exterior to protect against tears and rips. The fourth layer is a micro-fleece layer, locking in the dog's body heat.

Hy Reflector Waterproof Dog Coat - Orange

Waterproof, breathable and lightly padded, this Reflector Waterproof Dog Coat is a must-have for walking your pooch out at night. Not only does it come with a high visibility fabric and a silver reflective strip, it also includes adjustable easy touch tape fastenings on the chest and underside.

Henry Wag Drying Coat

After wet walks you can leave your dog's coat feeling fresh and dry with this super soft drying coat from Henry Wag. Made using the highest quality microfibre, this dog coat removes water and dirt which helps to reduce the risk of infection.

Firefoot Fleece Dachshund Jumper - Blue

Great for dachshunds and short-legged breeds, this super soft polar fleece jumper is a cosy, comforting must-have for the winter months, made with front leg holes and an open rear belly to make toileting a breeze.

Post By Ed Mason