The Ten Tors annual weekend hike in May is fast approaching, and with practice hikes in full swing for the big event the clock is ticking to make sure you've got all the essentials together to survive the wilderness in Dartmoor that awaits! As clothing, textiles and other factors change each year the packing list reflects this, and certain areas do change, so it's important to review your kit every year and buy in new bits where appropriate. Packing lists for Ten Tors are only ever a guide, and allowances should be made dependent on weather conditions. It's important not to over pack, but again you should aim to pack for every eventuality so you can be prepared for every type of weather condition. Although the weather forecast will give you a good indication, weather changes fast, especially on Dartmoor, so when packing for Ten Tors you shouldn't leave any room for complacency. To make sure that you are ready for every eventuality and situation to strike, although not limited to, here is our Ten Tors 2016 packing list.


The most important foundations of the packing list is a rucksack, a Highlander Discovery rucksack is the ideal size for the Ten Tors. The individuals rucksack should only weigh up to a maximum of 13.6 kilos.


Spare clothing should always be packed in a waterproof bag in the eventuality that your current clothing gets wet or damaged. You should look to take a base wicking layer, a mid layer long sleeve shirt or synthetic sweatshirt or microfleece, insulation layer, trousers and socks.

Walking Kit

Let's not forget what Ten Tors is about after all, you'll need a pretty sturdy walking kit to help you endure those endless miles of walking. Whatever distance you're covering everyone needs to look to get the following items together; base wicking layer, mid layer or sweatshirt, insulation layer, trousers, socks and some sturdy walking boots that provide adequate ankle protection. Although not essential, it's worth investing in some walking poles and bringing spare walking pole feet. These will help you distribute the weight on your back more evenly and make walking for miles on end that bit easier.


From experience, Ten Tors is either blisteringly hot or pouring down with rain! But again, every type of weather has to be accounted for and waterproofs are an essential item for poor weather that will keep you warm, dry and protected. You are expected to bring; a jacket with hood, over trousers, gaiters, gloves/mittens and a hat.

Food Rations & Water

You will need enough food for 1 1/2 days and emergency rations. Wayfarer food sachets are ideal for Ten Tors as they can be eaten quickly both warm or cold, and they are incredibly easy to transport. Don't forget to also pack an eating container, utensil and mug. For your water supply, it's advised to bring 2 litres of water with you and water purification tablets so you can boil fresh water supplies that you may find.

Survival Kit

A personal survival kit is an essential collection of items that will help you prepare for an emergency and other situations. There should be two of these kits at least per team. The kit should include:

  • Map
  • Compass
  • Watch
  • Whistle
  • Survival bag
  • Personal first aid kit - should include handwash, blister kit, insect repellent, sun cream, pain relief tablets, plasters, antiseptic wipes, and any personal medication as required
  • Pocket knife/tool
  • Notebook & pencil
  • Head torch
With the Ten Tors in mind we have put together our very own Ten Tors Survival Kit that includes all of the essentials you will need when hiking, camping and surviving in the wilderness of Dartmoor. This is an excellent value for money kit that saves times and money having to buy the items separately!


The above categories include items that every participant is expected to have. There are also various items that your team are expected to have collectively, you can view the full extensive list of items here. If you're looking to complete your packing list you can view our full range of outdoor clothing and equipment here. Keep up to date with our latest blog posts and updates on the Waterman's Facebook page, Twitter and Google+.

Post By Nicole Sage