If you’re a fan of the countryside, you will know that nothing quite compares to the beauty of nature in the great outdoors. Whether it’s for a walk, camping trip or drive, the countryside offers more attractions than what you may realise. In our previous blog, we took a look at the best country walks in England but to take that a little further, we have compiled this list of things to do in the countryside! At the heart of a natural surrounding, you are sure to enjoy a great day out wherever you choose to visit.

8. Take Your Pet

Love spending time with your pets? Take your dog for a walk to a beautiful scenic location. Not only will you be enjoying the tranquil outdoors, you will also be taking part in a form of physical exercise.

7. Take Binoculars
Look out to sea or further afield with a pair of binoculars to ensure you are enjoying the best views. An interesting thing to do in the countryside, you may also be able to spot animals in the wild.

6. Play Games
If a walk isn’t enough, take the family for a day out and make up your own games such as hide and seek or a competition to see who can throw their wellies the furthest.

5. Bike Ride
A bike ride will always make a fun thing to do in the countryside thanks to its versatility. Exercise your legs whilst admiring the fresh outdoors.

4. Picnic
Whatever form of physical exercise your are undertaking, chances are you will need to stop for some food and refreshments. So make the most of your surroundings and bring a delightful picnic!

3. Walking & Hiking
Sometimes, life is all about the simple pleasures. Walking or hiking makes a fun and active thing to do in the countryside wherever you choose to go.

2. Photography
Appreciate the sight of nature with a camera that you can take on your day out. A great of appreciating the countryside, you can create prints of your favourite photographs at home.

1. Discover History
Every corner of the countryside has its own history, so why not do your research before you leave? Making a fascinating thing to do in the countryside, discover more about historical facts of certain locations.

Whatever you choose to do on your countryside day out, make sure you are fully equipped for an adventure with our range of country clothing and footwear.

Post By Ruby Lovell