Easter is a great time for spending with family and friends for many reasons, whether it’s sharing chocolate treats or enjoying the fact that spring is here. The extra days off work or school also provide the perfect opportunity to do more family activities such as going for walks, camping trips or a drive. Here at Waterman’s, we love sharing our passion for the great outdoors and wish for you to make the most of the wonderful spring season. So if you want to make the most of your time with family this bank holiday weekend, here’s some fun ideas!

Easter Egg Hunt
Everyone loves a chocolate Easter egg but what better way to obtain them than with a fun and challenging egg hunt? Pick a natural surrounding outdoors to plan your challenge whether it’s a short drive away or even just in your back garden.


Dine Al Fresco
This is a great idea for those who love camping or simply want to spend more time outdoors. Make the most of your surroundings by going for a picnic after a long walk or enjoying some Easter treats outside.


Walking & Hiking

An active and versatile form of physical exercise, going for a walk or a hike is a great way of burning off those chocolate Easter eggs. Wherever you choose to go, you are sure to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures.


Take Your Pet
Get the whole family involved with a dog walk or riding a horse in the beautiful countryside. Whether it’s for a simple stroll or an extended hike, this outdoor family activity is sure to be appreciated by everyone.

Bike Ride
Embrace the fresh outdoors with a bike ride to make a fun outdoor family activity. A fantastic physical and social activity, riding a bike will ensure you are exercising and enjoying the company of your family at the same time.

For many of us, there is nothing that can quite beat a day out in the great outdoors. With an extended period off work or school, ensure you make the most of your time with these fun outdoor activities!

Post By Ruby Lovell