Flies are a familiar and frequent irritant to horses in the spring and summer months - emerging to swarm, crawl and bite your animals and livestock. But flies are not only a nuisance, they also have the ability to carry and spread diseases and can cause a range of other health and well-being issues for horses and ponies.

From stable flies and horseflies to bot flies and black flies, these troublesome insects are attracted to different areas of your horses body - typically the eyes, muzzle, ears and legs - honing in, feeding, and irritating your horse. We've all seen horses attempting to shake away flurries of flies in the hot weather only for the insects to return and continue to bombard your much loved animal - which can be distressing to see and difficult to combat - unless you know what to do...

Fighting flies not only safeguards your horse's health, it also ensures that they stay happy and comfortable during the height of summer. So, what can you do to manage a fly problem and protect nuisance insects from coming near your horse?

In our latest blog, we'll tackle the main reasons why flies are so attracted to your horse and give you a few vital products that are going to keep them away for now and in the future...

Why Are Flies So Attracted To Horses & Ponies?

Flies live off the warmth and vitality of larger mammals and are attracted to the moisture and proteins found around your horse's face. The most commonly targeted area tends to be the eyes but some species of biting and bloodsucking flies will also target the legs and flanks, while other pests will seek out open wounds and cuts for sustenance. Horses also regularly produce manure which flies of many species - including horseflies - are attracted to for warmth and moisture.

Owing to their size, horses tend to be the most obvious target for many species of flies. Some are irritating but less dangerous whereas other more pernicious pests carry bacteria which can cause conjunctivitis and keratitis as well as skin and coat issues. Horseflies can carry a whole host of diseases including Equine Infectious Anaemia (EIA) and other diseases of varying severity, zeroing-in on horses to gather blood and proteins to develop eggs. They also fly, land and feed on other larger farm animals and livestock, including cattle.

Flies can also affect your horse's overall health, well-being and performance. The constant irritation, pain and resulting complications will wreak havoc on your animal as they constantly swish their mane and tail to try and rid themselves of discomfort - leading to a decidedly miserable experience throughout the warm weather months.

How Do I Protect My Horse From Flies?

At Waterman's Country Supplies, we offer a whole host of handpicked fly sprays and formulas, masks and repellent solutions to protect your horse from the ongoing irritation and diseases caused by flies.

NAF Off Citronella Horse Fly Spray

This long-lasting insect deterrent has been formulated especially for your horse's summer coat. Made using natural citronella oil, simply spray onto the coat, mane and tail to repel a wide range of flying pests during peak fly season.

UltraShield Horse Fly Mask Without Ears & Removable Nose

Made from high-tech fabrics originally developed for human performance clothing, this ingenious fly mask will protect your horse's face from flies, while keeping them cool and comfortable at the same time. The soft yet durable face mesh also blocks 80% of harmful UV rays, making it the perfect choice for the summer months.

Battles Summer Fly Repellent Cream

The Original Yellow Cream is packed with antibacterial properties, provides soothing antibacterial fly repellent treatment for horses and ponies and can be easily applied to your horse's mane, while helping to manage fly strike and maggots.

Hy StormX Original Zebra Print Fly Rug

For all-over protective cover, this stand-out fly rug is designed to shield your horse from annoying flying insects. The black and white stripe design is scientifically proven to confuse insects and deter them from landing on your horse while the breathable mesh fabric prevents the horse from overheating.

Leovet Phaser Durativ Fly Repellent Gel

Protect your horse from all biting and non-biting flies, horseflies and ticks with this clever repellent gel that can be applied easily and effectively using the sponge provided. A great way to shield your horse from a range of the most irritating and dangerous pests including horseflies.

Post By Ed Mason