The highs and lows of lambing season can leave you feeling rewarded and stressed in varying measure, but this time around we want to make things a little bit easier for you. Sheep farmers will almost always have a lambing supplies kit - a selection of must-haves for making the whole season run smoothly - but what do we recommend?

At Waterman's Country Supplies, our Lambing Supplies & Equipment range features an extensive selection of products designed around lamb welfare. But we've gone one step further, focusing on some of the key essentials to keep lambs happy and healthy from birth and beyond.

If you're short of a few vital products or you're not entirely sure what you need, discover everything from sheep marker spray to supplements, wound cleansers and more here...

Nitrile GN90 Powder-Free Gloves - Pack of 200

These blue nitrile examination gloves are stretchy, strong and improve dexterity during all manner of work with lambs. They'll also keep you clean and help to protect against infection and contamination when helping out in assisted births.

Nettex 0362 Septiclense & Violet Spray

Help soothe and clean infected cuts and scrapes with this gentle spray formulation. It will work to speed up skin repair and hair regrowth while keeping the wound moist to prevent against cracking.

Battles Obstetrical Lubricant - 5 Litres

Suitable for use during lambing, calving and farrowing, this non-greasy surgical lubricant will reduce discomfort for your lamb during examinations and procedures.

Nettex Colostrum Feeder - Syringe & Plastic Tube

Make colostrum administration simple, safe and fast with our syringe and tube, that's perfect for use on newborn lambs.

Volac Lamlac Instant Ewe Milk Replacer

Give your lambs all the key nutrients they need for optimal health from birth with this easy to mix and highly digestible formulation to support growth and overall health. The first commercially available ewe milk replacer introduced over 40 years ago.

Nettex Livestock Castration Rings

These easy to use rubber rings are for the castration and docking of lambs and can be used with Net-Tex Castration Pliers.

Nettex Double Adjust Ewe Prolapse Harness

For prolapse retention in ewes without the need for stitching, this harness is simple to use, hygienic, painless and secure. Our Nettex Ewe Prolapse Spoon can also be used alongside the harness.

Veterinary Digital Animal Thermometer

Essential for monitoring temperature and diagnosing hypothermia in young lambs, this digital thermometer gives fast and accurate readings to ascertain body temperature information.

Veterinary Digital Animal Thermometer

Nettex Promark Professional Sheep Marker Aerosol Spray

Identify lambs easily with seven bold sheep marker colours in a simple, fast drying aerosol formulation. This professional product is also waterproof and does not clog up when spraying.

Greencoat Colostro+ Lamb Feed Nutritional Supplement

A vital feed supplement formulated to provide your lamb with important nutritional support. It consists of a colostrum, prebiotic and egg protein blend to optimise energy and all-round health in lambs.

Post By Ed Mason