Whether you're an active summer hiker or a sunshine-loving dog walker, you've probably made a wardrobe mistake that has left you hot, sweaty and overheated. We've all been there, but now's the time to avoid discomfort when the mercury rises and take back control of your outdoor and countryside outfits once and for all.

Your answer comes in the form of breathable fabrics. Clothing made from breathable materials makes you feel more comfortable in warm weather by allowing air to flow easily through them without getting trapped like other non-breathable fabrics. This, in turn, speeds up the evaporation process caused by sweating - working together with the way our bodies naturally cool us down by removing excess heat. The process of sweat turning from a liquid into a gas will make us feel cooler.

There are other fabrics that we can class as breathable but work instead through moisture wicking which quickly moves (or wicks away) moisture from your body to the exterior surface of the fabric. These wicking fabrics will also make you feel more comfortable in the heat.

Although there are occasions where non-breathable fabrics are required, Waterman's Country Supplies will take you through a few of the best breathable fabrics we have on offer and the products we love that use these brilliant cooling cloths that you need to try.


Hoggs Girvan Cotton Short Sleeve Check Shirt - Sky Blue

One of the most breathable, versatile and practical fabrics around. It's no secret that cotton is the best all-rounder for breathable clothing choices and can be used in both fashionable and entirely functional settings. It's a naturally light, breathable and airy fabric that will absorb moisture as part of its wicking profile. It's a great choice for almost everyone unless you sweat heavily in cooler weather conditons.


Hy Sport Active Sleeveless Top - Midnight Navy

A great choice for athletic and activewear, gym clothing, workout garments and many other activities such as horse riding. This performance fabric offers exceptional moisture wicking and sweat evaporation benefits. In fact, there's a reduced chance of moisture hitting your skin and soaking into the fabric thanks to its in-built water-repellency. Polyester is also lightweight and very sleek thanks to the special weave structure.


Caterpillar ¾ Sleeve Tee in Mosaic Blue Heather

Less well-known but more common than you think. Rayon is a synthetic fabric that features in the composition of a lot of clothes. It will help to prevent you from sweating, while offering medium levels of breathability and it also dries very quickly. Although not as effective at wicking as polyester, it's highly absorbent, is airy and feels silky to wear.

Merino Wool

Hoggs of Fife 1906 Brogue Merino Country Socks in Navy/Green

This high quality wool fibre material is light and breathable against the skin with brilliant absorbency and moisture wicking. Suited to activewear socks and similar garments, allowing you to run or hike outdoors in the summer and winter.


Hoggs Granite Packaway Rip-Stop Zip-Up Gilet - Black/Red

Nylon offers a great mix of benefits, giving you a balance of quick drying and moisture wicking properties with added water resistance. Great for activewear and garments that can transition between the seasons.

Post By Ed Mason