Owning a pet is a great joy and a big responsibility. Although pets give us love, attention and companionship, it's also important to give something back and make sure they're receiving all the right things from us too...

Just like us, your dog can get unhealthy, unwell and even unhappy.

So to promote the overall health and wellbeing of your favourite pooch, Waterman's Country Supplies have put together our 5 Essential Tips For Taking Care Of Your Dog.

#1. Healthy Diet

Unlike our self-reliant feline friends, dogs are completely dependant on us to provide them with their three square meals a day. However, as with humans, there's a difference between a good diet and a bad one. A good diet will keep your dog a healthy weight while keeping their coat looking shiny, their eyes bright and their skin healthy.

Food, therefore, needs to be tailored according to breed, age and activity level to ensure that your dog stays in top condition. It's also crucial to notice any allergies, sensitivities and diseases that occur from their diet - if you do find that your dog is eating a certain brand of food that doesn't agree with them, investigate the issue and consult a vet if things start to get worse.

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#2. Make Sure They Get Loads Of Exercises

Walking your dog is not only good for them, it's great for you too! Depending on size and breed, dogs need to be walked for around 30 - 60 minutes a day - this will keep them fit and also happy. If you work full time you can look into a dog walking service that will give them a runaround and get them socialised with other dogs.

If you want to give them a few laps of the garden or the park, try the Miro Chew Tuff Bone Dog Fetch Toy.

#3. Treat Them For Flees & Ticks

If your pet loves investigating the great outdoors, it's highly likely that at some point they'll pick up a few ticks, fleas and even worms. All these parasites can be bad for humans and dogs alike, breeding Lyme disease and pernicious infections.

Make sure you make use of flea and tick treatments to take care of your dog and stop the spread of parasites round your home.

#4. Make Them Happy

A well looked after dog is a happy dog, but just like humans, they can be prone to changes in mood if they're mistreated.

If your dog isn't their usual self, try and assess what the cause could be. Have they been stuck inside for too long? Have you been absent from their life? Are they properly fed, groomed and played with?

Become an emotional detective and work out what your dog needs to keep them happy beyond an occasional stroke at the beginning and end of a day. Dogs are naturally at home in the outside world, exploring the undergrowth, finding new and interesting smells or running after a new toy - so let them do all these things as much as possible!

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#5. Protect Them Against Diseases

Making sure your pets have been recently vaccinated is the #1 best form of preventative care. You can also book an appointment with the vets to monitor things like teeth and gums alongside a more general health check-up when they're sick or unwell.

Post By Ed Mason