Once your electric fence is installed, it's important that you test your fencing system setup and also monitor its efficacy throughout the fencing system's lifespan.

Whether you're an agricultural worker or a country rambler, electric fences can prove hazardous and also need to be checked for faults, interruptions, ongoing performance, and sometime you just need to make sure the wire is actually live. If you're about to install a new system, it's time to consider some of the most vital and popular electric fence accessories on the market.

From live wire beepers to health monitoring energisers, volt testers and more. At Waterman's Country Supplies we've handpicked some must-have electric fence accessories to keep you safe, check lines or problem solve electric fence issues easily, quickly and effectively.

Hotline KV LED Electric Fence Tester

This self earthing tester is designed to help you quickly establish if a live current is running through your fencing wire. Great for field workers or even country ramblers, you'll get instant illumination telling you if the wire is active.

Hotline P36 Electric Fencing Digital Volt Tester

Equipped with a clear digital display, this volt tester will produce a precise Kv reading on the fence and earth when connected to your electric fence line. No ground probe is necessary and it can read up to 10,000 volts, giving you an essential indication of voltage levels when needed.

Hotline Fault Finder

This simple to use, hand-held accessory will allow you to detect faults, giving you fast and accurate readings while encouraging safe practice. This completely unique electric fence fault finder will show a voltage reading and an indication of the fault's direction.

Hotline P20B Pocket Sized Electric Fence Tester Beeper

A handy live wire tester that you can keep in your pocket! Perfect if you want an audio warning as opposed to a visual LED reading, simply swipe over an electric wire and when a beep sounds this indicates that there is power on the line. This promotes safety and is a great tester tool for farmers and country walkers.

Hotline HLB80 Raptor 0.80j 230v Electric Fence Energiser

This three colour fence performance monitor will help you keep up-to-date with the health and smooth running of your electric fence system thanks to a trio of illuminating markers relaying both health and performance feedback. Great for small chicken pens and medium strength fence lines, it comes with a robust galvanised steel stand and a weatherproof switch that's great for outdoor use.

Post By Ed Mason