Equine or horse supplements are generally used when a horse is lacking the essential vitamins and minerals that they require. Even though a horse may be fed a healthy and balanced diet, there are some instances that could result in your horse looking for an extra boost, such as moments of stress or when the right amount of hard feed cannot be accessed. But deciding which supplement is the right one for your horse can be incredibly challenging especially if you are struggling to determine what your horse is lacking. Here at Waterman's Country Supplies we have put together a simple guide to the sort of vitamins and minerals that you should be looking for within a supplement and which ones are best to treat your horse.

Warning Signs

As within humans, whenever a supplement of any kind is needed, there are also many different distributors that promise a miracle in a bottle, but these typically are false or come with a dangerous cost. Horse supplements are made especially for substituting what is typically found in a natural diet, so any products that encourage vast quantities or even illegal performance substances should be avoided at all costs. It is also vital knowledge that supplements do not cure illness or mend severe injuries, if you are ever unsure about any measurements of supplements or your horses health, then contact your vet.

Vitamins and Minerals

There are many different vitamins and minerals that provide all types of benefits within horse supplements, the trick is matching up the correct one to your horse's needs.

Electrolytes – A lack of these is typically seen in many working horses as they are typically lost within sweat. These need to be replaced regularly especially in horses that undertake a lot of strenuous activity.

Magnesium – For horses that suffer with their nerve function, helping to calm the horse down an lessening the effects of sudden movements, especially head shakers.


Copper and Zinc – For older horses or horses that struggle with joint problems, copper and zinc supplements can be used to help support and build cartilage and connective tissue.


Calcium – For young horses that need to grow, calcium supplements can provide your horse with that extra boost so they grow to a healthy weight.


Omega 3 – For a gorgeous silky mane and coat these horse supplements are great for horses that also suffer from dull skin. Perfect for show horses.

Antioxidants – To help flush out toxins and protect against the effects of free radicals, antioxidants are perfect for horses that obtain a lot of build up or are recovering from an injury.

Essential Salts – For horses that love exercise or live in warmer temperatures, salts are perfect to keep horses hydrated and full of energy.

Whatever supplement you decide to choose, make sure that you give your horse an adequate amount of time to get used to the product, as change won't happen immediately.

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