For those who are inexperienced when it comes to grooming a horse, it can seem like a frightening task. Facing a large animal with a sponge and a brush is a task that you should be taken with caution, or things could go wrong! Horse grooming is part and parcel of horse ownership and is an important activity to maintain good health. Here are some of our top tips to make the whole process easier.

Shampoos & Conditioners
There is nothing better than providing your horse with a healthy and shiny coat and mane. Before applying shampoo or conditioner, it is a good idea to use a slightly damp towel to pick up most of the dirt.

Cleansers & Lotions
Ensure your horse’s skin is kept healthy, especially in the summer season. Remember to be careful with the horse’s sensitive areas such as the flank and girth area. In addition, use gloves so you can identify any abnormalities.


Grooming Tools
Use the right tools to carry out your grooming task efficiently. This may include combs, picks and oil brushes to ensure the whole body of the horse is covered.

Wound Care
Wounds are common for horses so it is important to check your animal regularly to spot any wounds, sores or cuts. Treat them as quickly as possible to prevent further pain or damage and to ensure quicker recovery.


Hoof Care
Possibly the most important feature of your horse, hooves are an essential part of their health. To ensure healthy nourishment and sturdy feet, use high quality hoof oil and ointments. In addition, use a good farrier in order to trim your horse’s feet.

It goes without saying that the task of a grooming a horse should always be taken with extra care. Even for those who are experienced in horse care, a horse can still become unpredictable if aggravated. As long as you are sensitive to the horse’s needs, grooming should be easy task with our range of equipment.

Post By Ruby Lovell