After purchasing your horse it may seem like the hard part is over, and in some ways it is, but the next big challenge that must be tackled is making sure that you have all of the right equipment.
Shopping for equestrian equipment can be extremely daunting if you are a new horse owner especially with all of the new terminology that goes with it. But never fear, here at Waterman's Country Supplies we have put together a comprehensive buying guide of what you need to make sure that you get the most out of your horse.

Step 1 - Necessities

When approaching the mammoth task of shopping for equestrian equipment, the best place to start is always making a list of the absolute necessities needed and then increasing range as you have the time and the finances to do so. Very little people can afford a huge range of top quality equestrian equipment after purchasing a horse so keep to the basics and build up your range in time. The first things that should take place on your list are:


  • Saddle
  • Bridles
  • Reins and Stirrups
  • Good, Fitted Riding Helmet

These are mainly the most essential pieces of equipment, but make sure that you take into account your horses needs and your riding style to make an informed choice before you continue to go out and start buying up everything in sight, although it can be tempting.

Step 2 - Ridding Apparel

Now that you are kitted out with your necessary equipment, it's time to start considering equipment that can really help you develop your riding style and make you and your horse more comfortable. One of the main places to start looking at is your riding apparel.
Riding apparel isn't just designed so that you can "fit in" better at the paddock, clothing like jodhpurs and moulded riding boots help to ease chafing and blisters, in turn giving you more focus and control over the horse. But choosing sensible riding apparel doesn’t mean that you are restricted to design. There are many different fashionable jodhpurs and riding boots that look great, as well as supportive so you can feel comfortable as you work with your horse.

Step 3 - Horse Care and Cleaning

A healthy and clean horse is a happy horse, so insuring that you have the correct grooming supplies is key in maintaining a good relationship with your horse as well as reduced vet bills. Start of by understanding your horse's skin type, how his/her feet are and how you will be working him/her. By taking note of this first off you can decide what level of care your horse will need to carry out his tasks effectively. Here is a short list of the type of equipment you should be looking for:

  • Horse Shampoos and Conditioners - Vital for keeping your horses skin and mane in great condition.
  • Hoof Care - If there is one thing that your horse needs it is healthy hooves, click here for a great range of products.
  • Fly and Insect Repellent - To keep those annoying bugs from irritating eyes and skin.
  • Grooming Tools - Brushes, hoof picks etc..
  • Lotions and Cleansers - For conditions and sensitive areas, ideal for use during sheath cleaning.
  • Wound Care and Bandages - For when your horse needs a little extra care due to injury.


Step 3 - Feed, Bedding and Supplements

When your horse has finished working for the day, it is key that they have somewhere that is warm, dry and full of food. To help you do this it is important that you have the correct tools to help you muck out the stable properly and make food easily accessible. Having a heavy duty fork or spade is essential for scooping out horse muck as well as laying down soft hay. There are also hay nets that make a fresh supply easily accessible and dry.

Some horses may need a little extra boost depending on age, or health issues. It is important that these are addressed early and treated with a range of supplements to keep your horse on fighting form. Many different supplements for mares and stallions can be found here.

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