Whatever the time of year it is, a dog owner's dream is being outside and getting involved with their favourite pooch! But if you live a busy lifestyle, finding the right gifts to give your dog can be tricky - what's the best bedding? Are these toys safe? - finding the perfect products to please your dog is serious business! At Waterman's we love our dogs as much as you do, so to make your life easier we have put together a list of some of the most essential products to fulfill the three things your dogs likes to do most - walking, sleeping and playing!


Air Mesh Step In Vest Harness

Getting your dog walking gear right is essential, especially if you want to keep your dog safe and secure, not just on those brisk trips, but also the long days out to the beach or rambling across the countryside. Adjustable in size, this vest harness is made from super comfortable, lightweight and breathable material keeping your dog relaxed and happy wherever you take him or her! Can also be dipped in water to provide cooling relief in the summer months.

Jute Rope Crinkler Bottle Toy

If there's one thing dogs love doing it's having something crunchy to chew on! However, giving them what they want is easier said than done, particularly if your pet loves to chew on a plastic bottle fraught with sharp edges and similar choking hazards. This bottle toy is made with a strong protective rope covering so your dog can get all the satisfying crunch of a standard bottle without any of the dangers! Unique, fun and super safe, this strong and durable toy is something your dog will never tire of.

Leather Monkey Toy

Seeking out natural, environmentally friendly dog products can be a difficult task...so look no further than this marvellous monkey themed toy! Made from 1o0% real leather, this is not only a hard-wearing and long-lasting option but also completely free of chemicals, meaning your beloved canine can enjoy hours of fun without any worry.



Leather Star Tuff Chewer Chucker

Play fetch with a dynamic twist! This chew chucker features a brightly coloured design to catch your dogs eye and reinforced edging to make sure it can withstand hours of play. This eco-friendly option takes all of the risk out of playing fetch with sticks, twigs and branches for an injury free playtime all-year-round!


Waterproof Dog Mattress

Great for the outdoors in summer or the indoors for winter! This hugely versatile dog mattress can be used anywhere and everywhere, from your car boot to outside on the lawn. Features heavily padded cushioning for extra comfort and support and an easy to wipe down surface making it simple to clean - even when used by the muddiest dogs!


Post By Ed Mason