As every farmer knows, running a successful dairy farm requires some essential equipment. From milk feeding to cattle hobbles, dairy products are the items that make your day to day tasks that little bit easier around the farm. As difficulties may be common on a dairy farm such as damage to the cow or milking process, keeping your animals at optimum health is an important priority. So to ensure you’ve got all the spare tools covered for your dairy farm, follow this guide!

Milk Feeding
When it comes to feeding, the less spillage the better. Each of our milk bars and feeders are designed to make feeding easier and without spill. With the ability to hold different capacities of milk, our feeders are ideal for when a single person needs to feed a large number of calves quickly and effectively.

Cattle Hobbles
When cattle needs to be transported or inspected, you can carry out the whole process effectively with our range of cattle hoists. Our other tools include kick bars for immobility and calving jacks.


Dip Cups
Our selection of dip cups are easy to use and assist with the prevention of mastitis. Creating a handy foaming option, the dip formula can remain on the surface of the udder for longer, helping to increase contact time.

dip cup


Specially designed for use during calving time, the calming formulas aim to help soften, soothe and clear hard udders.

Mastitis Detectors

If not detected, mastitis can cause major problems on a dairy farm. Our effective range of detectors help to detect signs of mastitis and are specially designed for modern parlours.


It is inevitable that there will be challenges to face on a dairy farm, but with these essential products you can ensure your farming tasks will run a little more smoothly on a daily basis.

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Post By Ruby Lovell