When working on a farm it is crucial to have hard-wearing, durable and comfortable footwear. That’s why here at Waterman's Outdoor & Country Supplies we stock a wide range of high-quality work boots that may just become your new favourites. Whether you’re after r farming wellingtons, farm shoes or farm boots, in this blog post we will take you through some of the best work boots we have on offer. You don’t just have to take our word for it, where we can we will also include some of the most promising customer reviews about our range of footwear.

Hoggs of Fife Waterproof Non-Safety Leather Work Boot 

(£69.95 inc VAT)

These Waterproof Non-Saftey Leather Work Boots in Oiled Brown from Hoggs of Fife offer excellent comfort no matter how rigorous the working condition. Lace-up with exceptional shock-absorbency, these fully waterproof boots are incredibly hard-wearing and durable and have been constructed with a clever breathable membrane which keeps your feet at an optimum temperature whether it's hot or cold. 

Promising Review:

“I found them to be amazingly comfortable straight out of the box, the sizing was spot on, and the toe area roomy to allow the toes to move, while the rest of the boot offers ankle support and overall protection essential in a tough working environment, and I have encountered no rubbing or discomfort whatsoever. My feet remain at a comfortable temperature all day, unlike other boots I have tried in the past. They are not particularly heavy and I certainly don't find myself desperate to get them off towards the end of the day. They are nicely put together with thick leather and quality stitching and lining. I would not hesitate to recommend these boots to anyone”

Muck Boots Wetland Tall Wellington Boots

(£89.95 inc VAT)

The Wetland Field Wellington Boots will keep you warm, dry and protected in the muddiest and coldest of conditions. The stretch-fit top-line binding stays snug around the calf to keep warmth in and cold out, with signature Muck Boot neoprene to keep you comfortable even in extreme conditions. These premium work boots have a rubber calf-high exterior which protects against sticks, rocks and scratches, and the air mesh lining lets your feet breathe whether you’re out on the farm or trudging across frozen fields.

Dr. Martens Winch Steel Toe Lace-Up Boot

(£100.79 inc VAT)

The Dr. Martens Winch Steel Toe Lace Up Boot has been designed for those who work on their feet for long hours and need reliable, slip-resistant footwear. Additional insulation helps protect against accidental contact with an electric charge and the flexible PVC outsole provides durability, cushioning and comfort while reducing foot fatigue.

Hoggs Of Fife Field Sport Neo-Lined Rubber Wellington Boots

(£89.95 inc VAT)

The Nora Dolomite Green wellies are specially designed for agriculture and leisure activities aiming to keep your soles comfortable. They are durable and waterproof so will keep your feet dry rain or shine. Resistant to acids, manure, fertilisers, sprays, animal fats, grease, oils and benzine, they feature special tractor tread slip-resistant sole.

Hoggs of Fife Jason Waterproof Leather Work Boots

(£59.95 inc VAT)

Extremely popular, the Hoggs of Fife Jason - Waterproof Non-Safety Leather Work Boot laces up with ease, protecting you against the elements. Incredibly long-lasting and durable, they are comfortable and sturdy for work or hiking in the countryside. They also feature a breathable membrane which helps keep your feet cool and comfortable. 

Promising Review:

“The boots are first-rate ... sturdy and straightforward and I would recommend them to those of us who really do spend much of their time in the open.”

Bekina Steplite X Wellington Boots 

(49.50 inc VAT)

Holding excellent resistance to oil, mud and fats, the Steplite X Green farm boots are seen as the ultimate boot for outdoor workers. These non-safety boots are typically used for Cattle breeding, horticulture, vegetable and fruit farming.

Promising Review:

“Best wellingtons we have ever had - comfortable, excellent tread - can come down steep grass slopes fully confident that not going to lose grip! Feet don't get cold - all round an amazing wellington - wouldn't swap them for any of the "named" expensive wellingtons - these are top class!”

You can shop our entire range of work boots here and find our range of wellington boots here. No matter what the situation or the practical use, you'll be able to find a sturdy, durable and weatherproof choice of footwear to suit you perfectly. 

Post By Rosie Burnman