Gearing up for the big hike is a task that requires a lot of careful preparation. Making sure you have the correct tent and navigation equipment is one thing, but getting the basics right will ensure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience no matter where that expedition takes you! Waterman's has put together some of the best clothing and walking accessories to get you off to a flying start...


The most important piece of hiking gear by far is a great pair of boots. Footwear should be durable, water resistant but most crucially of all, comfortable. Make no mistake, above anything else, painful feet will slow you down more than a heavy backpack or difficult terrain. Hiking footwear comes in many different forms and you can buy different boots for different conditions, but the one thing you shouldn't do is go for the cheap option. Waterman's recommend the Hoggs Of Fife Munro Classic Hiking Boots. A versatile option that wont set you back too much; these boots offer ankle support, full waterproof properties and additional cushioning on critical pressure points within the shoe making walking for miles so much easier.


Shorts or trousers? It's really up to you, what you feel the most comfortable wearing and the weather conditions you are faced with. Even in the sunniest of conditions, hiking trousers should be made of a fabric that is quick drying. You never know if you'll run into a rain shower or need to quickly cross a stream - the last thing you want is heavy trousers that are going to stay wet and cold for hours afterwards. We suggest the Target Dry Unisex Expedition Black Waterproof Cargo Trousers that are designed for Winter and Summer conditions, are lightweight, completely waterproof and suitable for walking, camping and many other outdoor pursuits.


When out on a big walk, the one thing you need to prepare for is the unexpected. Whether you're confronted by a steep drop in temperature or a sudden storm, layering can save you a lot of trouble. Ideally, you'll have a base layer, an outer waterproof coat, but the perfect in-between is a great fleece jacket. Fleece garments, like the Seeland Ranger Fleece Duffel Jacket are perfect for wearing out in the Spring weather and are designed with comfortable, stretchy material that retains essential body heat and prevents you from being affected by adverse conditions.

A great rucksack does more than provide you with storage for all of your camping gear and clothing, it also offers vital back and shoulder support. The Higlander Discovery 65 Litre Red Hiking Rucksack is a strong, lightweight, 65 litre backpack with padded details that cushion your hips and spine. If you're going to be wearing something for days at a time, this is a hiking essential that you can rely on.

Survival Kit

Last, but definitely not least, is the all-important survival kit. When venturing into the wilderness you need to keep in mind that you are preparing for the worst. We stock the ultimate all-rounder in emergency kits: Walking/Hiking/Camping Survival Kit. Great value for money, you can even choose a wayfarer meal of choice to provide you with the right nutrition during that epic hike. The kit also includes a first aid kit, LED head torch, water purification tablets and much more.


Post By Ed Mason