Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons, with fields littered with crisp and colourful leaves and lawns heavy with dew. Despite the cold weather that it can sometimes bring there's nothing worse than being cooped up inside in the warmth for days on end. Getting some vigorous exercise or having fun outside really is the best medicine for everyone, and the best thing is it's completely free! There's nothing better than heading to the great outdoors to clear your head and to get some fresh country air, so to encourage you all to embrace the autumnal weather here are 5 Autumnal activities to do in the countryside.

#1. Cycling

Hit a path, prom, trail or track and you're sure to stumble upon a great cycle route. With so many possibilities around the country you're sure to fall in love with each place. Cycling is a great way to take in the scenery and nature at a fast pace, with the wind in your hair and the peace and tranquillity that the countryside offers, you'll never want to return! All you need is a bike to enjoy the fun, and with so many places that you can rent a bike from for the day no one needs to miss out on it!

#2. Walking 

Regular walking has shown to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses and maximise other health benefits. One brisk walk a day keeps the doctor away as they say, and with so many tracks and paths in the countryside, you'll never know where you'll end up next! Grab some sturdy walking boots, a warm coat and take some time time to appreciate the stunning surroundings.

#3. Bird Watching

Berries, fruit and seeds are readily available in autumn and it's a time where we see birds arriving and preparing for the cold winter that is ahead, flocks of birds are also very common sightings at this time of the year. Therefore, it's the perfect time to grab your binoculars and head outside. As well as bird watching you'll also have the opportunity to spot some impressive wildlife, you might even see some dears if you're lucky!

#4. Fruit picking

Blackberries are in full production in Autumn and there's more than plenty to go round at this time of the year. You're sure to spot a hedgerow of them wherever you head to in the countryside. All you need is a basket to collect your sweet blackberries and they can then be made into delicious blackberry jam or a blackberry crumble - the perfect warming autumnal foods!

#5. Pumpkin Farm

As we reach the end of October, our thoughts turn to ghouls and monsters as preparation starts for this spooktacular date! Pumpkin carving is a tradition shared with people all around the world and it's something fun that you can do as an adult or a child. Most places in the country do have a pumpkin farm where you can pick your very own pumpkin and some even do a hay ride- this is an idea taken from the USA but which provides us with a very autumnal and traditional activity. You can find your nearest pumpkin farm here.

Autumn always does fly by in a flash, so take advantage of this beautiful season, the stunning nature and the opportunities that come with it by taking part in one of our fun autumnal activities to do in the countryside! What's your favourite activity to do in the Autumn? Do let us know on the Waterman's Facebook page, Twitter and Google+.


Post By Nicole Sage