So you’ve got the horse you’ve always dreamed of and you know it will be a pet you can treasure for life. If you have all the equipment you need for care and maintenance, the next thing to consider is how to dress yourself for riding. Even if you are highly experienced in the saddle, you will be aware as much as a new rider how important it is to wear equestrian clothing that is safe and comfortable. In this guide, we will take you through each item to ensure you are looking and feeling relaxed for riding.


Jodhpurs & Breeches
Whether you’re male or female, the traditional style for your lower body is a pair of tight fitting trousers known as jodhpurs or breeches. Although these are slightly unflattering, the general idea is to help with body temperature regulation and to allow maximum flexibility and movement. The difference between jodhpurs and breeches is the length of them and the kind of boots they should be worn with. Breeches reach the calf and are designed to be worn with long boots, whereas jodhpurs finish around the ankle and are commonly worn with shorter boots.

It is entirely your choice of what to wear underneath a jacket, but professionals may opt to wear a riding shirt and a waistcoat depending on how heavy the items are. For an amateur, it is probably best to wear something that will keep you dry and warm in the outdoors.

Riding Boots
Riding boots are designed to be comfortable and stylish to ensure your feet have a secure grip on either side of the horse.

Riding Hats
Probably the most important item you can wear when riding a horse is a riding hat. This ensures your head is protected safely in the event of falling off your horse. It must be fitted correctly to ensure you are comfortable and safe.

Although traditional riding attire is not the kind of fashionable clothing you’d wish to wear when not riding a horse, what you choose to wear in the saddle is essential for safety and mobility. With our selection of equestrian clothing, you are sure to look stylish whether it’s for a casual trot around the paddock, or for a competition!

Post By Ruby Lovell