Living and breathing the countryside is a wonderful way of life for those fortunate enough to live in a natural environment. Whether it means living on a farm or simply in a remote country cottage, those who prefer to live outside of a main city can enjoy many benefits. However, the enjoyment of all of this would not be possible without some essential country clothing. In this post, we will present you with some fabulous clothing options from top quality brands in order to suit country living.

Jackets & Coats
It goes without saying that the countryside is a messy environment. When you are spending time outdoors, you need a coat or jacket that is warm, dry and comfortable so you can undertake any task or leisure pursuit you desire in any weather.

For those who enjoy country walks, horse riding or cycling, our selection of highly reflective tabards ensure you are always seen in darkness. They are also lightweight and comfortable.

From waterproofs to moleskin, we stock a wide range of trousers to suit every activity. Practical and comfortable, you can enjoy the great outdoors in style.


Breeks make a perfect item of clothing for a games shooter as they are waterproof and breathable. Suitable for any weather, you are sure to look stylish when enjoying a long day in the country.

From wellington boots to work shoes, we offer a wide range of footwear for adults and children to suit your needs. Supplying you with ultimate comfort and protection, you can undertake tasks in muddy grounds with ease.

In our fantastic range of country clothing, we have carefully selected brands which we feel will ensure your experience in the country is the best it can be. No matter what your task or favourite country pastime, our clothing is suitable for men, women and children alike.

Post By Ruby Lovell