With the Christmas season nearly upon us, it is time to think about purchasing gifts for friends and family alike. Here at Waterman’s, we love everything to do with countryside living and offer a variety of products suited for those who share the same passion. However, if your children aren’t quite old enough to enjoy the real life rewards of farming, we stock a selection of creative toys to allow them to be entertained by the outdoors just as much as you are.

Painted and decorated to high standards, our range of tractors ensure your children can enjoy endless of hours of fun recreating the same rides. Some even feature front lights and many other accessories so you can ensure every young child will be kept entertained.

Farm Animals
No farm is complete without a selection of animals and in our range, you will find models including cows, calves and other cattle. Made from high quality plastic, the animals are easy to grasp and play with to create your own scene.

The finishing touches to your miniature farm are an essential part of the scene. From bales of hay to farm fences to trailers, you will find everything you need to make your scene truly special.

Toys for children are all about helping them to develop their skills whether it be their imagination or creativity. For the younger ones who love the idea of farm and country life, our selection of toys are sure to keep them entertained for hours!

Post By Ruby Lovell