Whether you're heading out for your first shooting experience, or you're a well seasoned goer at shooting practices, they'll always be something you've forgotten or something that you've not thought of taking with you that could help your shooting performance and make your experience that bit better. You'll have so many questions running through your head before your first shooting experience, so to help relieve some worry, here's everything that you ever needed to bring for a day's shooting!

Shotgun Certificate

You could be approached at anytime during the shooting practice to present your shotgun certificate, so make sure you have it with you at all times, and keep it clean and dry in a shotgun certificate holder which will save you from those moments of panic when you're scrabbling for a bit of scrunched up paper in your bag!


Cartridges & Cartridge Bags

It goes without saying that a Shotgun is one of the essential items for a shooting practice, but it's the little things that are easily forgotten such as gun cartridges and cartridge bags. Having a high quality cartridge bag will last you well, whilst it will help to keep your cartridges in place and protect them from any damage. Bisley Canvas Cartridge Bags are a favourite with shooters as they're made from a waterproof polyester and strong PVC backing which helps to provide protection and padding for your cartridges.

Gun Cleaning Kit

Although not essential for a days shooting, it's definitely worth giving your shotgun a good clean before the practice as it works so much better after it has had a thorough clean. If you are planning on staying away for a few days and have a couple of different practices to attend it's worth bringing a portable cleaning kit along with you. The Bisley SO4 Gun Cleaning Kit is great for use with shotguns and is available in 2 different sizes.


Shotgun Canvas Covers

Carry your shotgun in style with the Bisley deluxe shotgun canvas covers, with superior padding and a fleece lining, the shoulder pad makes carrying your shotgun a dream. You may not need a gun cover if you're only travelling a short way, but it's good practice to keep it in one when you can to protect it from dust and damage.

Waterproof Shooting Boots

Although some people will choose to wear wellies, nothing can rival the comfort, warmth and strength of some high quality waterproof shooting or hiking boots. All of Hoggs of Fife walking boots range are ideal for shooting as they're breathable, comfortable and will continue to provide protection to your feet for hours on end.

Waterproof Clothing

Come rain or shine, shooting practices will still go ahead unless there is adverse weather conditions. Investing in some high quality waterproof clothing will help to keep you warm and dry whatever time of the year it is. Having good quality clothing will allow you to do what you do best for longer and enjoy every second of it. A clothing brand favoured by many shooters is Hoggs of Fife, as they constantly create new clothing with the shooter in mind, that is both stylish and practical.

Other Essentials

It's the little extras that make our lives so much easier that although aren't necessary, we just can't live without! A magnetic cartridge stick is the biggest time saver, and it saves you from having to keep bending over to pick up your cartridges. Don't forget to also take your wallet along and some form of cash, as you're usually expected to tip the keeper of the grounds after shooting.


Now you know everything that you need to bring along, don't forget to check out our Shooting Accessories range to help kit you out for a day's shooting practice! Keep up to date with our latest blog posts and updates on the Waterman's Facebook page, Twitter and Google+.

Post By Nicole Sage