With festival fever in full swing, the fringed bags are being pulled out, the all weather coats are being worn for unpredictable weather, and the sleeping bags are being rolled out for another summer of fun. The worst thing you can do when going to a festival is either packing too little or too much. With the promise that it's either going to be scorching hot or pouring with rain, it can be hard to know what to pack to ensure you're prepared for all weathers. So to make the run up to your next festival as stress free as possible, here are 6 things that you should definitely be packing for festival season.

#1. Sleeping Bag

No one likes sleeping on a cold, hard or usually muddy floor at a festival. Pad out your tent with a good quality camping foam roll mat which will provide additional comfort and support on uneven terrain. This then provides the perfect area to sleep on, then all you need to bring along is a warming and strong sleeping bag that keeps the cold out and warmth in. The Highlander sleeping mummy bags are great for festivals, in super bright colours these bags will cocoon your body, helping you drift off into a peaceful sleep, even if you can still hear music coming from the stage!


#2. Tent

You won't get very far at a festival without a tent. The double man birch tent is ideal for sharing with friends, it provides full protection from the elements, whilst it also features a convenient outer porch to store those muddy welly boots and camping essentials!


#3. Camping Food

After the first couple of days at a festival you're fed up of having to dig deep in your pocket to meet the astronomical prices for festival food so it's best to go prepared with lots of food, snacks and additional supplies. Good old camping food is the best thing for festivals, compact enough to fit into those small spaces left in your bag, easy to warm up or eat cold, and a nutritional source that will fuel all those hours of dancing!


#4. Outdoor (weatherproof) Clothing 

The only thing you can't predict at a festival is the unpredictable weather, whether it's raining cats or dogs or sending the festival into a summer melt down, you need to pack accordingly for all weathers regardless to what the weather forecasts are saying. A high quality waterproof coat will keep you warm and dry, even if the weather is telling a different story!


#5. Lights

Even when the night starts to close in, you're sure to find a late night show or after party going on, so grab your torches or even a headlight so the party can continue into the early hours of the morning. It's the best way to keep you safe in the evening and you'll be able to find your way back to the tent easily!


#6. Hiking Rucksack

When was the last time you ever saw someone rolling a suitcase over the muddy fields at Glastonbury? We're guessing never. Not only are suitcases and holdalls incredibly inconvenient they're actually not that great at holding large quantities of clothing and items. A good quality Highlander hiking rucksack is all you need for a festival, with plenty of pockets and areas for storage you don't have to worry about leaving anything at home.


There's lots of more fun festival items to pack, but these are the bare essentials that will keep you comfortable and happy once your camp is set up, whatever festival you're off to this summer we hope you all have a great time! Keep up to date with our latest blog posts and updates on the Waterman's Facebook page, Twitter and Google+.


Post By Nicole Sage