Horse health, vitality and deficiency management begins with diet - and while there are many facets to horse nutrition - one of the essential cornerstones is salt. You'll no doubt be familiar with the humble salt lick which offers many useful equestrian benefits, but if you really want to take horse healthcare to new heights, it's time to level up with Himalayan salt for horses.

Derived from high-altitude mountainous salt mines, Himalayan salt has a whole host of benefits that will keep your horses and livestock in peak condition. It's also extremely easy to graze on throughout the day...

But why is Himalayan salt beneficial to horses?

In our latest blog, Waterman's Country Supplies have unearthed all the key reasons why Himalayan salt is such an essential supplementary component to your horse's diet, and one that you should be using every day to keep your horse in great condition all-year-round.

Why Is Himalayan Salt Good For Horses?

This pink-tinted salt is packed with 84 essential minerals, including calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, selenium, sodium and many more, all offering great health benefits. Unlike refined table salt, Himalayan salt is much purer and healthier, allowing your horse to take full advantage of the range of abundant minerals available.

When integrated into your horse's diet, Himalayan salt will support the following health benefits:

  • Hydration, offering more electrolytes than regular salt
  • Muscle recovery following strenuous exercise
  • Healthy bones, hooves, joints and teeth
  • Heart health and hormone balancing
  • Colic prevention
  • Cellular health and function

What Are The Symptoms Of Salt Deficiency In Horses?

As an owner, you should keep a keen eye on salt deficiency symptoms in horses, including: Pica (eating strange things), dehydration, loss of appetite and weight loss, licking your hands, muscle inflammation (often noticeable if you're having saddle fitting issues), shaking or wobbling, tiredness, abdominal bloating, problems walking downhill and so on.

Himalayan salt is also incredibly easy to integrate into your horse's diet. You can easily hang your Himalayan salt block at familiar grazing points or regular feeding spots in shaded areas. Once hung or mounted, your salt block will keep your horse healthy, happy and occupied - it's also perfectly safe for use in locations where pets, livestock or even wild animals roam.

Likit Himalayan Salt

Made from all-natural 100% Himalayan rock salt, this weather resistant and long-lasting brick shaped salt lick offers all the added benefits of calcium, magnesium, sulphate, bicarbonate and iron.

Hilton Herbs Himalayan Rock Salt Lick

Sourced from 550 million year-old deposits from the Himalayan Mountains, this salt lick from Hilton Herbs is literally rock hard, meaning that horses and ponies will be unable to bite chunks off the block. Not only can this salt lick be safely left outside without dissolving in the rain, it also comes with a convenient hanging rope moulded into the salt lick itself.

Rockies Equine Salt Lick Holder

Waterman's offer a range of salt lick holders, like this high-grade aluminium salt lick holder from Rockies, allowing you to fix and mount your salt block securely for easy and convenient supplementation.

Post By Ed Mason