Saddle storage is something that all horse riders, stablehands and equestrian professionals need to take seriously. Improperly stored and cared for saddles will not only become a magnet for dust, dirt and mildew, they'll also become damaged or even lose their shape, making it more difficult to fit your horse correctly.

The solution comes in the form of a sturdy, stable and high quality saddle stand, rack, trolley or mount. Although resourceful horse owners may be able to fashion their very own DIY stable racks, there's really no substitute for a professional saddle and tack hanger. After a long day of riding, removing your saddle and hanging it out to air is going to ensure that you maintain a perfectly shaped saddle while also keeping it protected from any scuffs, scratches or more serious signs of wear that can occur from keeping it stored on the ground or strewn across a shelf.

From space-saving wall racks to portable saddle mates and even more traditional alternatives to suit your stable aesthetic, Waterman's Country Supplies offer a stunning selection of saddle storage solutions to cater to your size of stable and the space that is available to you. So if you're fed up with dented misshapen leather or saddles that aren't drying properly, it's time to take saddle storage seriously.

In our latest blog, we've carefully handpicked some of the very best saddle racks, saddle mates, storage poles and more to meet your exact needs, budget requirements and personal preferences.

Stubbs S500 Saddle Mate

A great multipurpose saddle and tack storage must-have. Made to last, the Saddle Mate is manufactured from a tough stubbythene moulding, making it perfect for draping your saddle over to maintain its shape and store all your saddle and grooming essentials inside! Comes in a variety of colours to match your stable, saddle finish or equestrian equipment.

Stubbs S332 Twin Arm Clip-On Saddle Rack

Hang and store multiple saddle racks with this brilliant twin arm option from Stubbs. Made from a tough construction with bright zinc plated brackets and black stubbyfine coated arms, this practical, no-nonsense saddle rack will ensure all your saddles remain properly shaped, aired and in great condition.

Stubbs S51 Saddle & Bridle Trolley

Carry and transport a trio of saddles with this Saddle & Bridle Trolley from Stubbs. Made from a durable steel construction and fitted with a bridle hook on the rear, this saddle trolley is designed to be moved or kept in a stationary position around the tack room, yard, competition area and shop.

Stubbs S1777 Retro Saddle Rack

If you have a more traditional stable or yard, or you're looking for a stylish way to store your saddles, this Retro Saddle Rack from Stubbs evokes the quality and class of two centuries ago. Melding function and form, this saddle rack is made with beautiful metalwork and a gorgeous dark solid wooden pole to create a very classy, premium-looking saddle rack.

Stubbs S18P Folding Pole Saddle Storage Rack

If you're seriously low on space or you need to make the most of what's available to you, this saddle storage rack folds out easily when your saddles are ready to hang and back down again when not in use. A popular Stubbyfine coated storage solution - choose from Black, Pink and Red colours to match your stable and yard aesthetics.

What if my saddle and tack needs more thorough care and attention?

If you want to improve the longevity of your leathers, discover everything you need to clean, treat and condition your saddles and tack by reading our 9 Revitalising Leather Cleaners & Conditioners You Need To Own, now available on the Waterman's Blog Page.

Post By Ed Mason