The farming world is rife with pests that plague livestock, damage crops, and infest sheds, stables and outbuildings. From flies and fleas to ants, foxes and rats - there are a plethora of pests that can wreak havoc on all areas of your farm, costing you money, harming your output and impacting your profit.

Staggeringly, it is estimated that 20 - 40% of crop yield is lost worldwide due to pests and diseases. It is therefore of vital importance that you combat pests from every possible angle. But it's not just crops that pests tend to target. In fact, the health and well-being of horses and cattle can be hindered tremendously by an array of flying insects that cause infection, carry disease and cause a whole hosts of other psychological problems and general irritation to farm animals.

However, pest control doesn't just begin at the treatment of crops, but around your whole farm. So, where do you start?

Pests are usually most prevalent in the summer months as insects begin to reproduce rapidly in the hot weather. The warmer, more humid conditions also create the perfect environment for insects to thrive while larger pests such as rats, mice and foxes come out of hiding and become more active as they search for prey above ground. You, therefore, need the right pest control products to not only combat but actively deter pests of all sizes from your agricultural enterprise.

In our latest blog, Waterman's Country Supplies have compiled a list of our most popular, effective and best-selling pest deterrents and removers from trusted brands, including Zero In, Rentokil, Lodi and STV.

Zero In Ultra Power XL Fly Stick

Ideal for smallholdings, refuse area, and stables. Tackle fly problems in both indoor and sheltered outdoor areas with the XL Fly Stick from Zero In. The poison-free and chemical-free stick features a giant catch area and aureola yellow colour, attracting more flies which will stick to the long-lasting adhesive surface to eliminate any flying insect pests throughout the summer.

Pelgar E-Z Rat Baiter Station

Designed to exploit the natural behaviour of rats and their tendency to run through tunnels. This rat baiter station will attract rats and allow you to easily identify bait consumption. Ideal for situations where poisons are unsuitable for use.

Rentokil Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam - 300ml

Kill wasps in their nest from a distance with a fast-action formulation that can treat as many as three large nests per can. Simply spray the wasp nest from a distance of at least 2 metres to destroy it and prevent farm workers and livestock from being harmed by the impact of threatened, aggressive or territorial wasps.

Lodi Organ-X Ant & Crawling Insect Killer Spray

A 100% insecticide-free formulation. The Lodi Organ-X Ant & Crawling Insect Killer Spray cleverly traps insects in a unique biodegradable vegetable polymer, ensuring rapid and effective pest control. From eggs to nymphs and adults, this spray tackles all stages of an insect's life cycle on contact, anywhere you find them on your farm.

Lodi Organ-X Home Insects Killer Powder

Kill and control a variety of pests, including fleas, bedbugs, clothing moths, ants and more on your farm with Lodi Organ-X Home Insects Killer Powder. Quickly targets both flying and crawling insects, delivering fast and effective results and rapid knockdown.

Lodi Storm Pro-Formula Bird Poo & Insect Remover

Ideal for dealing with the tangential effects of bird and insect pests around your farm - including messy bird faeces and tough insect leftovers. Whether you're dealing with tough, baked-in bird droppings or insect stains, the strong formulation softens and breaks harden debris down with ease, eliminating the risk of damaging the underlying surface.

STV Slim Fit Bird Spikes

These easy-to-install repeller spikes deter pigeons, gulls and starlings from roosting around your farmyard. Made from an all-weather, UV stable construction, simply fix in place with the high quality adhesive provided and you'll protect your premises from bird droppings, roosting and nesting by simply preventing birds from landing on roofs and walls.

Lodi Organ-X Fox & Animal Deterrent Powder

A potent, humane, anti-fouling deterrent that tackles birds, rabbits, hares, dogs, cats and foxes. Lodi Organ-X Fox & Animal Deterrent Powder discourages animals from polluting and harming your plants by cleverly modifying the taste and smell perceptions of animals and birds, stopping them from causing any additional damage.

Post By Ed Mason