Whether you work in the agricultural arena or you're more accustomed to industrial environments, high quality workwear is the cornerstone of any job or trade. But to anyone who is frequently in and out of their work clothing or overalls, you'll know that attributes such as comfort, ease of movement and innovative style are just as important as rugged durability and long-lasting resilience in the workplace.

From boiler suits and coveralls to work trousers, shorts, eyewear and work gloves - having a comprehensive workwear wardrobe is going to ensure that you can tackle anything that a practical workplace can throw at you.

Workwear is so vital to all those working on the farm, in the plant or factory and on the warehouse floor because it serves to keep you safe, protected and able to move freely and easily in a multitude of situations. So whether you're just starting out on your workwear journey or you're a seasoned professional who's looking to add or replace a few key practical items, Waterman's Country Supplies have exactly what you need...

In our latest blog, we'll guide you through the must-have uniforms, clothing items, safety essentials and workwear accessories from some of the most trusted brands in the workwear world such as Castle Clothing, Dickies and Raptor.

Blue Castle 366 Front Zip Boiler Suit

Great for cleaning and working in agricultural and industrial settings, the Blue Castle 366 is a truly versatile workwear essential. Made with an array of pockets, including a pen pocket and side pockets with side access, this boiler suit will protect you from dirt, oil, ordinary clothing damage and everyday wear and tear.

Dickies Women's Everyday Khaki Coveralls

Developed with a team of women to ensure a flawless and comfortable fit, the Dickies Women's Everyday Coverall is an unmissable choice of workwear clothing. Ideal for those who work in construction, painting, plumbing, farming and electrical environments, these coveralls also come with a cargo pocket with space for carrying your smartphone.

Raptor Active Mid-Shorts

Bursting with high-performance functions and features, Raptor Active Mid-Shorts are practical and fashionable, featuring a modern style, an ergonomic pocketing system, reinforced CTE3 fabrication innovation knee panels and a crotch gusset that promotes flexibility and range of motion.

Dickies Women's Everyday Flex Navy Blue Trousers

Designed to allow you to move, stretch, and bend flexibly, Dickies Women's Everyday Flex Navy Blue Trousers are great for transitioning between the workplace and more formal settings. Made with a multi-pocket design, reinforced knees and a breathable fabric for comfort.

Dickies Khaki Everyday Work Trousers

A vital workday trouser for professionals and DIY-ers alike. The 'Everyday' from Dickies features a selection of pockets, two pouches for loading knee guards and even a ruler pocket and two additional hip pockets to carry all your practical tools and essentials.

Caterpillar Digger Protective Eyewear - Clear

Get fashionable, wrap-around protection with Caterpillar Digger Protective Eyewear. Designed to provide eye protection in hazardous environments, these safety glasses also boast anti-scratch and anti-fog capabilities to ensure you always have full vision.

Mitchell Yellow Criss Cross Grip Work Gloves

Your hands will stay clean, comfortable and protected at all times with the super grip criss-cross lattice construction that makes up these incredibly practical workwear gloves. A great choice for all farming, outdoor, gardening and DIY jobs.

Dickies Curved Black Knee Pads

Great for loading into your Dickies Khaki Everyday Work Trousers. These lightweight and comfy curved knee pads provide maximum protection in a plethora of workplaces and can be worn inside many different coveralls or trousers.

Post By Ed Mason