Whether you are looking to keep your horse's skin and coat in tip-top condition or protect their joints from wear and tear, herbs and supplements are a great way to give a natural boost to their diet. Both easy to use and palatable, all of the herbs we have on offer will be a worthy addition to their mealtime. In this blog post, we will take you through some of the best and most beneficial plant herbs and supplements that you can feed your horse. Always remember to consult your veterinarian before giving your horse a specific herb as a treatment for any condition.

Joints & Mobility

Dodson & Horrell Devil's Claw Root

D&H Devil's Claw Root is made with 100% pure devil's claw root. Dodson & Horrell Devil's Claw Root is ideal for older horses and ponies. Pure dried herbal soothing support for muscular and joint conditions. Devil's claw root has been used for years to encourage joint mobility and ease of movement.

Litovet Equine Joint Health

A natural nutritional care supplement to aid with the maintenance of supple, healthy joints, joint tissues and soundness in horses. By aiding with joint suppleness, Litovet Equine Joint Health can help offset the fatigue and stresses caused by training or competition.

Super Codlivine Horse Joint Supplement

An active life support product for supple joints formulated to optimise the health and wellbeing of horses and made with natural ingredients. Super Codlivine Horse Joint Supplement contains a broad-spectrum blend of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, Evening Primrose Oil and Cod Liver Oil.

Lincoln MSM Healthy Joints Support

A completely pure healthy joint and connective tissue supplement for horses. Lincoln MSM contains pure Methyl Sulphonyl Methane, a biologically available form of Sulphur. Beneficial for feeding to horses susceptible or experiencing impaired movement and a key component for the healthy growth of soft tissue.

Skin & Coat

Science Supplements Skin and Coat

Containing 13 different essential nutrients to support a healthy coat and skin. Science Supplements Skin and Coat includes Omega 3 fatty acids which promote both a shiny coat and healthy skin and have been shown in scientific studies to help animals with insect bite sensitivity.

NAF Love The SKIN He's In D-Itch Supplement

Specifically formulated to help the horse fight unpleasant spring and summer skin conditions, Love The SKIN He's In D-Itch Supplement provides a unique blend of scientifically verified, naturally sourced antioxidants to efficiently flush out the build-up of free radicals associated with itchy irritated skin.

Lincoln Soya Oil

A natural source of energy offering high levels of fatty acids for a shiny, healthy-looking coat. Lincoln Soya Oil contains high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids including Linoleic acid (an Omega 6 fatty acid) and Linolenic acid (an Omega 3 fatty acid). Lincoln Soya Oil can be used as a palatable energy source and regular use will help improve skin and coat condition.

Battles CH1 Seaweed Supplement

A low-calorie answer to nutrient deficiencies, Battles CH1 Seaweed Supplement can be added to feed to boost nutrient content without the need to increase daily feed intake. Promotes general condition maintenance with a particularly beneficial effect on the coat.

Hoof Health

Lincoln Seaweed & Biotin

A natural source of a wide range of macro and micronutrients vitamins and additional Biotin. Lincoln Seaweed & Biotin helps to keep your horse in peak condition and optimise hoof condition. Feed regularly for a minimum of nine months to see quality regrowth of hooves.

TopSpec Healthy Hoof Supplement

TopSpec Healthy Hoof is formulated on a balanced, broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals to improve hoof quality and create a shiny coat with supple skin. Ideal for farriers, equine veterinary practices and independent equine horse nutritionists.

Baileys Limestone Flour Horse Calcium Supplement

A natural and convenient calcium source for equestrian use, Baileys Limestone Flour Horse Calcium Supplement can be used to counteract calcium deficiencies in straight cereal diets. Vital for the healthy growth and maintenance of bones teeth and hooves.

Bio-Trition ZMC Advanced

A complementary feeding stuff for Horses, Bio-Trition ZMC Advanced contains high levels of Biotin – an essential vitamin for the maintenance of good hoof quality. It also contains Methionine and Cysteine which are Amino Acids with a very high Sulphur content. Sulphur is required for the keratinisation of the hoof.


Lincoln Cyder Vinegar

Traditionally given orally for numerous positive health benefits, Lincoln Cyder Vinegar is unpasteurised to ensure it retains all of the natural goodness – including vitamins, minerals and beneficial enzymes. The positive health benefits are numerous and well documented, including (but not limited to) maintaining the pH balance and cleansing the digestive tract to aid efficient digestion.

Lincoln Herbs Slippery Elm

Lincoln Herbs Slippery Elm is rich in mucilage which, when moistened, coats and soothes the sensitive lining of the digestive tract. On reaching the stomach it coats the lining against high levels of gastric acid which can accumulate when the horse hasn’t eaten for several hours. If the stomach lining is already compromised, the coating soothes the area by creating a barrier against the acid. It can also be used as an effective poultice when applied externally.

Comfort Gut

Specifically produced from coconut shell to human food and medicinal grade standards, Comfort Gut is the highest quality Activated Charcoal available and specially manufactured to be suitable for long term feeding. It absorbs (binds to) toxins and acidic molecules throughout the horse’s digestive tract, and eliminates them through the horse’s manure.

D&H Digestive Support

A combined approach digestive supplement containing Yeast, Pre-biotics and Psyllium for the nutritional maintenance of your horse’s digestive system. Formulated especially with your horse’s digestive system in mind. Digestive Support provides nutritional and herbal support for the entire digestive system and promotes a normal population of bacteria within the large intestine. Ideal for use in horses and ponies with sensitive digestive systems, those who are undergoing a change of diet or those who need a helping hand during travelling or during periods of change or competition.


D&H Ground Chaste Tree Berries

Chaste Tree Berry's have been traditionally been used for seasonal moodiness in mares as it is a good hormonal balancer (not to be used in pregnancy). Male moodiness has also been addressed successfully with this herb.

Wendals Herbs Moody Mare For Horses

Wendals Herbs Moody Mare helps mares with occasional moods and behavioural issues related to oestrous cycles. The natural formula contains a mix of herbs that will help horses through these periods of hormonal upset.

Health & Herbal Hormonise For Horses

Health & Herbal Hormonise is a natural support and maintenance supplement that helps with hormone imbalances and PMS in mares which can cause moody, unpredictable behaviour and irritability. Also provides assistance for older animals to support and maintain normal healthy hormonal balance.

Heimer Moody Mare

Heimer Moody Mare is a feed supplement that contains a mixture of 8 herbs that relieves tension and hormonal imbalance in rutting mares. It includes Alfalfa, Basil, Chamomile, Dandelion, Golden Rice, Tagetes, Rosemary and Verbena.

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Post By Rosie Burnman