If you’re a fan of equestrian sport, you may be intrigued to know the big events that await this year. British Eventing is responsible for competitions such as the Olympics and other international events and is also part of the British Equestrian Federation. Whether you’re a rider yourself or simply enjoy following the sport, we guarantee this list of events are something to look forward to in 2015!

Fixture Change
Unfortunately, two long running events will no longer be running this year. British Eventing have had to lose Malpas which has been around for over 40 years and Iping which has been hosting classes for over 35 years.

New Additions
Although it is unfortunate to be losing Malpas and Iping, there are some exciting new additions to the calendar. Firstly, Norton Disney is to lead another event this year to replace Draycott House. Secondly, a brand new fixture, Dalston Green in Cumbria will make its debut in the fixtures which means that the total number of events based in Cumbria will be 8. In addition, there will be two new replacements from the Weymouth school. Brooksby Melton College will be a replacement for Draycott House and in July, Warwick Hall will run instead of Eden Valley. Calmsden will also host another fixture in August which is sure to be as popular as ever. Finally, Littleton Manor in Surrey will run a new event in October under the expertise of Matt and Kate Tarrant.

International Classes
As an extra to the national events, International classes are also included in the calendar. These can be found in March, April and August and will be lead by Aldon, Bicton and Burgham. Wellington will also lead a CIC3 for 2015 as they facilitate the FEI European Championships.

National Restricted Novice Championships
An exciting new event, these championships will be lead by the Festival of British Eventing in August in addition to the new BE Arena Eventing competition at Blair Castle and Blenheim Palace.

Can’t wait for the events to start? To see the full fixture list, click here.

Post By Ruby Lovell