Having a well-stocked and accessible emergency first-aid kit for your horse will allow you to manage any minor injury. In this blog post, we will take you through some of our equine first aid kit essentials so that you can keep your horse in tip-top health.

First Aid Carrying Case

The Battles First Aid Carrying Case is suitable for carrying human or veterinary items. The bright green easily identifiable case features the first aid symbol on the front and is a great portable size.

Veterinary Digital Animal Thermometer

A handy digital thermometer is a great item for all farmers, horse riders and veterinary professionals. This rapid and easily read thermometer makes for accurate reading and can be used for all livestock. 

Clulite (PL-1) Ultra Bright Pocket Light Torch

This ultra-bright pocket light from Clulite may appear as a standard torch but it has an incredible 150m beam from a single AA battery. This torch will enable you to care dor your horse even on a dark night.

Hoof Picks

The Metal Lincoln Hoof Pick with a vinyl coating, has an easy and more comfortable grip. The hoof pick is effective in cleaning horse hooves and shoes, and is a vital piece of equipment for grooming and maintenance. 

Latex Protective Gloves

Tuffies Extra Long cuff nitrile powder-free farm and veterinary gloves can be used for protection against human and animal viruses including COVID-19. TN75 Glove Plus Tuffies are tested to EN374 Part 3 chemical permeation and achieved the maximum level 6 (>480 minutes).

Petroleum Jelly

Battles White Petroleum Jelly is intended for general veterinary use. A top specification, veterinary standard pure jelly that can be used around eyes during bathing to avoid shampoo getting in and can be used even as a nose moisturiser.

Stockholm Tar

Battles Stockholm Tar is a traditional natural antibacterial dressing for general veterinary use. If used regularly, this pure vegetable Stockholm Tar will also help maintain a healthy hoof.

Black Anti-Bacterial Wound Powder

The Battles Black Anti-Bacterial wound powder helps to treat minor injuries on such as saddle sores, cuts, bites and scratches on horses. The formula has an easy to use puff nozzle which allows you to treat the clean wound easily, and effectively. 

Poultice Dressings

Robinson Animalintex is filled with natural active ingredients helping to ease a broad range of equine injuries and conditions. This effective healing aid can be used either as a hot or cold wet poultice or a dry wound dressing. 

Aloe Vera Purple Spray

This NAF Aloe Vera Purple Spray is a gentle non-aerosol spray designed for use on horses and other livestock which aids the natural healing of minor cuts, abrasions and chafed skin. This solution is easy to spray onto the body and works by repelling flies from getting to open wounds.

Summer Fly Cream

Battles Summer Fly Cream is the original yellow cream and it is a soothing antibacterial fly repellent cream. This formula is easy to apply to your horse’s mane, whilst aiding in the management of flystrike and maggots. 

Hy Stable Horse Bandages

Hy Stable Horse Bandages are high-quality bandages that feature Velcro fastening for added ease. The Hy Stable Bandage is ideal for use on tails when travelling, applying dressings or as a stable bandage.

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Post By Rosie Burnman