In this frosty season, caring for your horse is essential for making sure they are healthy throughout the winter months. Like us, they may be susceptible to illness in winter and may require more attention in the bleak weather. Although horses are naturally strong in cold temperatures, we have compiled this blog with some useful tips and advice on how to care for your horse in winter.

Be Careful With Blankets

Young and sheltered horses probably don’t need a blanket as their natural body temperature should be able to insulate them enough. However blankets are important to prevent wet cold rather than dry cold. Generally, blankets should be used on horses without shelter and those with special needs.

Comfortable Stable
Ensure your horse’s housing is as comfortable as it can be for winter. Keep the stable clean, warm and well ventilated to ensure a welcome environment for your horse.

Adequate Food & Water

Horses will drink more water if it is warmed so make sure the water that you supply is not frozen. Make sure you increase hay and concentrates as access to grass becomes more difficult.

Tack Up
Ensure you select a clear area to tack up where it is free from mud or ice. This also applies to the riding area itself.


Wound Care
A common issue in the equestrian world, wounds need to be treated with care and patience especially in winter. Horses may be more susceptible to tripping on tough, muddy or icy terrain.

When judging riding conditions, use your common sense when it comes to the harsh weathers. In addition, you should consider the terrain your horse will be riding on for example, mud, ice and wet slopes. You should never gallop your horse in these conditions.

In addition to these tips, make sure you spend time with your horse whether that means talking, grooming or just being by the horse’s side. A horse will appreciate your company and the two of you can stay connected.

Post By Ruby Lovell