If you're crazy about all things equine, Waterman's Country Supplies have put together a provisional range of riding essential that every horse lover needs to own - right now!

#1. Riding Gloves -Protect your hands from even the harshest riding conditions.

#2. The Right Rug -Stable or Turnout - keep your horse warm and happy wherever they are...

#3. A Great Pair Of Toggi Riding Boots -Every rider needs a classic long calf rubber boot for all weathers.

#4. A Beanie -Whether you're cleaning the stable or working around the farm, keeping your hair in a beanie will not only ensure you stay warm but will also protect your hair from all those horse-y odours.

#5. Sun Cream - Don't get burnt!

#6. Bandages - For injury or riding competitions, our bandages are brightly coloured, stretchy and super supportive.

#7. A Clulite Ultra Bright Pocket Torch - Finding your horse in the pitch black, made easy.

#8. The Right Brush - A grooming tool for hooves, coats, manes and tails.

#9. Treats - Make sure you and your horse have a few snacks before, during and after a long ride.

#10. Hyland Jodhpur Boots - Great for everyday riding and professional competitions.

#11. Hi-Vis Head Collar - For guiding your horse from field to stable during those dark winter nights.

#12. Thermos Flask - A must-have for surviving the winter!

#13. Half Rubber Reins - Looks brilliant and soft on your hands.

#14. Insect Repellent - One of our best fly repellents.

#15. Bandages - Great for injuries and available in assorted colours for competitive riding.

#16. Coldstream Riding Socks - Comfy and sleek with anti-bacterial properties.

#17. A Great Riding Hat - Headwear that offers complete protection with an elegant design.

#18. A Small Comb - For keeping your horse's mane smooth and tangle-free.

#19. Clippers - Hardwearing clippers that make short work of grooming coarse and thick coats.

#20. Horse Feeding Tub - A multipurpose bucket that keeps food in your horse's mouth and off the floor!

#21. A Fly Mask - A hot weather essential.

#22. Grooming Spray - A simple spray to give your horses mane a bit of pre-show sparkle.

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Post By Ed Mason