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One of the most sort-after manufacturers of electric fencing, Hotline have come along way from their humble beginnings in 1968. Established as AEC Electric Fencing Ltd in Newton, Abbot Devon, the company continued to grow through the acquisition of RENCO – a manufacturer of premium electric fencing – and entering into a partnership with German owned company Horizon GMBH. Now 40 years on Hotline Electric Fencing are the leaders in their field, continuing to help landowners protect their businesses in the most economical and cost effective way possible.

Challenging most traditional types of fencing, Hotline manufactures everything needed to construct any electric fence from energisers to wire. Being the oldest manufacturer of energisers the company had to start thinking “outside the box” by developing their technique through listening to what farmers and businesses wanted. Throughout the years and with help from their new partnership and expanding portfolio, the business reached its goal to provide products that are flexible and easy to set up, helping the brand to grow and be recognised within the agricultural community.

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Hotline Electric Fencing Ltd now carry over 250 products within their line and continue to develop new ideas that will help improve the performance of the electric fence. Now with a new low visual impact feature, the company's products are now the most effective way to protect crops and livestock from predators.

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Here at Waterman's Country Supplies we are proud to make available great valuable products from a brand that has stood the test of time, and continues to develop excellent electric fencing for years to come.

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