If you are looking for ways to keep your waterproof clothing in tip-top condition then this is the blog post for you. To maintain the performance of your waterproof clothing, periodic washing is crucial. In this blog post, we share some of our favourite products that you can use to wash, clean and care for your waterproof clothing.

Nikwax TX.Direct Waterproof Wash-In Solution

This unique wash-in product helps to restore a water-repellent finish to all waterproofs and breathable laminates on clothing, sleeping bags and other outdoor gear. The water-based formula is completely eco-friendly, containing no hazardous or flammable ingredients. Ideal for use with Gore-Tex, Ultrex, Entrant, eVENT, Triple Point and microfibre fabrics.

Nikwax Tech Wash

A non-detergent cleaner. Protects the water-repellent finish on waterproof and synthetic insulated garments and sleeping bags. Ideal for Gore-Tex, Ultrex, SympaTex, PermaTex, Nikwax Analogy, Entrant, eVENT and Triple Point.

Nikwax Cotton Proof

Cotton Proof™ is the easy to use, safe, high performance, wash-in waterproofing for cotton, polycotton and canvas. It adds durable water repellency; reducing weight gain and maintaining the breathability of cotton, polycotton and canvas in wet weather.

Grisport Footwear Waterproofing Cream

This essential Footwear Waterproofing Cream shields your walking and hiking boots against the elements, providing long-lasting moisture protection. Designed to waterproof and rewax footwear for functional application, protecting against the harsh, damp outdoor conditions. The exact replacement wax for our waxed boots like Fuse, Quatro, Dartmoor, Everest, Timber, Avenger, Exmoor, Peaklander, Hurricane, Crusader and many more.

Hoggs Footwear Waterproofing Dubbin

The Hoggs Footwear Waterproofing Dubbin keeps your hiking and walking footwear soft and supple while providing waterproof protection in wet outdoor conditions. Easy to apply to boots and shoes, it cleans and cares for your leather, offering year-round protection. 

Stormsure Multi-Use Waterproof Repair Adhesive

To repair holes & tears in neoprene, rubber, leather and most other materials you will want to use something like Stormsure Multi-Use Waterproof Repair Adhesive. This permanent, flexible & waterproof solution can be used for a variety of applications including repairing and strengthening most shoes, boots, waders, tents, waterproof clothing, wetsuits, drysuits, car soft tops, horse rugs, awnings and more.

Stormsure Tuff Tape

Stormsure Tuff Tape is clear self-adhesive repair tape which has a matt finish is 100% waterproof, very strong, tough, abrasion-resistant and stretchy. Tuff Tape is great for truck curtains sides, tents, wellies, plastic buckets with cracks, tents, groundsheet rips, waterproofs and inflatables, tennis racket handles and more.

Lincoln Classic Neatsfoot Oil

A traditional product for waterproofing leather, the easy to apply Lincoln Classic Neatsfoot Oil will, with regular use, maintain the optimum moisture level of leather tack and accessories. 

Hydrophane Leather Dressing

An essential addition to the tack room, removing mud and dirt, the Hydrophane Leather Dressing is designed to protect, waterproof and rejuvenate new leather on your equestrian accessories while conditioning with added lanolin. 

Post By Rosie Burnman