Difficult, obstructed or abnormal birth among cattle can cause issues from an animal health and welfare point of view, all the way up to significant economic consequences for farmers and the farming industry in general.

However, calf mortality and all the related problems that can arise out of calving season are set to be solved by an ingenious device from Moocall. This tail mounted calving sensor accurately monitors the contractions of your pregnant cow - even when you're not around - giving you plenty of warning in case you need to be present and take action while your cow is giving birth.

Moocall may ring a bell to those familiar with the popular Amazon Prime TV show, Clarkson's Farm. Since Season 2 aired, the Moocall Calving Sensor received a buzz of attention when applied successfully in a situation of a risky birth.

But does the Moocall live up to all the hype?

In our latest blog, Waterman's Country Supplies reveal exactly why every cattle farmer needs to own the innovative Moocall Calving Sensor, shedding light on all the unique advantages, intuitive features and cutting edge benefits to make sure your cattle stay as safe as possible during calving season.

Easy To Set Up & Use

The Moocall Calving Sensor couldn't be easier to get going. Each unit comes with a user guide and a battery charger, along with regional adaptors to make using your Calving Sensor even more straightforward. All you need to do is pull back the Calving Sensor's red lining, remove the waterproof charge cap using a flathead screwdriver and insert the USB cable provided, leaving it to charge overnight. Once the solid blue light turns to green, your Calving Sensor is ready to use.

Upon first charge you'll need to activate your sensor online by visiting the Moocall Device Registration Page. There you'll be able to enter your personal email and phone number to complete the installation process and receive Moocall alerts and notifications. Once registered you can finish activation by downloading the Breed Manager app.

You can then attach your sensor to the tail of your calving cow, as directed in the instructions provided, and fix it firmly but not tightly in place using the unit's integrated strap. The Moocall Calving Sensor is now ready for you to use.

Receive SMS, Text & App Notifications

When calving is about to occur, the sensor's light will turn red and you'll be sent a text message. The message itself will let you know that 'cow activity' has increased along with device information so you know which cow to go to. You'll also get a battery level update so you can keep an eye on the status of your sensor. After calving has occurred you'll be able to easily reset the Calving Sensor for reuse.

Can Be Fitted & Refitted To Different Animals

After a calving event, the sensor can then be cleaned and reset by simply pressing the power button for one second. Once reset, the device is ready to be attached to the tail of your next calving cow and can be used on as many animals as you like, providing the battery has enough charge.

Before fitting to another animal, it's important to make sure that you always wipe down and wash the Calving Sensor as directed in the instructions before reuse.

Easy To Clean & Maintain

The well-designed and contoured construction of the Moocall Calving Sensor makes it incredibly easy to wipe down with a damp cloth. The red rubber lining can be easily removed and washed before being re-applied and reused on another calving animal.

Moocall Calving Sensor

At Waterman's we offer Moocall Calving Sensors, giving you the ultimate device for monitoring, tracking and responding to a calving cow's contractions, helping you to ensure a more successful birth, particularly among older cows or those that you want to pay particularly close attention to. In turn, this can work to reduce cow mortality, both on your farm and within the wider cattle farming industry.

Post By Ed Mason