Even for the most enthusiastic horse owner, riding in winter can sometimes feel like more of an endurance test than a source of enjoyment. With darker evenings, freezing temperatures, downpours and snow; all this can make getting on your horse a real hassle. However, getting the right riding gear will make things a lot more bearable.

And it all starts with the perfect pair of winter riding boots...

In this blog Waterman's have compiled a wide range of our popular designs for any riding style or occasion. Once you've picked out your favourite pair, you may even find that those cold weather rides through wintry landscapes become the most invigorating part of your day.

HyLAND Long Greenland Waterproof Riding Boots

Tackle all weather conditions with the Long Greenland Waterproof Riding Boots from HyLAND. Made with a hardwearing, long-leg design and a super grippy sole to give you excellent support during the winter months.

Muck Boots Colt Ryder Tall Riding Boots

Great for cold, rainy and generally unpleasant weather. Muck Boots Colt Ryder Tall Riding Boots are stylish and expertly designed. They feature a fully waterproof construction combined with a neoprene lining and a stretch top to keep the bad weather out.

HyLAND Norway Winter Yard Boots

For difficult winter terrain such as muddy fields; the Norway Winter Yard Boots from HyLAND offer brilliant grip, waterproof protection and neoprene insulation. They're also enhanced with reflective stripe detail, giving you a little extra element of safety on those dark winter evenings and low visibility days.

HyLAND Pacific Short Winter Boots

Short but tough - the Pacific Winter Boots from HyLAND come with a lower design than the typical full-leg riding boots, but they still pack a punch in winter. They offer a waterproof, tough and heavy duty high-sided sole, all-terrain grip, a fully padded lining for maximum comfort and insulation as well as a touch tape ankle strap.

HyLAND Londonderry Winter Country Riding Boots

Classic design with modern practicality - the HyLAND Londonderry Winter Country Riding Boots are warm, comfortable and fleece-lined leather boots with a water repellent waxed finish. They also come with anti-skid grips and double stitching for longevity. If you want to look the part without compromising on durability, these boots offer you everything you need for winter.

Post By Ed Mason