If you're a horse rider, worker or handler, a high quality piece of equestrian safety headgear is crucial for your riding kit bag. Often only associated with those riding, racing and training, these safety helmets are designed to protect anyone who works around horses.

Falling off is the most common horse-related hazard, but so are strikes and kicks. Therefore, you may find that at some stables and yards, riding hats are a mandatory requirement for anyone in direct contact with horses. Young children also need to be protected at all times, so if necessary, make sure they're equipped with a junior or child-sized helmet.

With all this in mind, Waterman's believe that a great horse riding helmet is more than just a tough outer shell - it should be protective and shock-absorbing, smart, professional and built for the complete comfort of an active wearer.

In this blog, we've handpicked only the most popular horse riding hats, headgear and accessories that have been a hit with our loyal customers. So whether you're after high performance hats, dressier headwear, or just a replacement liner, everything in this range is guaranteed to give you what you're after.

Champion Evolution Diamond Riding Hat - Black

The Diamond is a stunning and valuable addition to your riding collection. It features a low profile, a lightweight fibreglass shell, a soft synthetic leather finish and a highly ventilated airflow system. A horse riding hat that has taken head protection, comfort and modern style to impressive new levels.

Champion Pro-Ultimate Replacement Liner - Black

Replace original hat liners that have become worn out or simply keep as an essential spare with the Pro-Ultimate from Champion. Designed to fit the Champion Pro-Ultimate Riding Hat, this is a premium quality liner that comes with a versatile black construction.

Hy Equestrian Tractors Rock Hat Cover - Navy/Red - One Size

Give your riding headwear a crazy and colourful twist with this Hy Equestrian Tractors Rock Hat Cover. Designed with a navy and red colour scheme, a ‘Tractors Rock’ emblem and a fluffy pom pom.

Champion Junior X-Air Dazzle Plus - Black

Stay noticed whatever the riding conditions throw at you! The Dazzle Plus is built for youngsters who love riding and features a dazzling centre panel with a sparkling silver vent. It also offers all the protection and air-flow comfort design elements to support your child rider.

Champion Junior X-Air Dazzle Plus - Black

Champion Junior X-Air Hat Plus - Navy/Hot Pink

Add a streak of striking pink to your horse riding headgear with the Champion Junior X-Air Hat Plus. Designed for the younger rider, the X-Air Plus is built with a lightweight moulded ABS shell, and incorporates a ventilation system to help keep the head cool.

Champion Junior X-Air Hat Plus - Navy/Hot Pink

Champion Vent-Air Ear Pads - Black

For added safety while riding, these ear protectors offer extra protection to the side of your head and give the harness an extra snug fit. Made to fit the Ventair Riding Hat, the Ventair Deluxe Jockey Skull, Pro-lite Deluxe Jockey and the Evolution Riding Hat.

Champion Vent-Air Ear Pads - Black

Champion Junior Horse Riding Hat - Black

This all-rounder is perfect for a casual trot around the paddock and even equestrian competitions. It comes with a classic style and all the modern safety features you require, finished off with a comfortable chin strap.

Champion Junior Horse Riding Hat - Black

Champion X-Air Plus Helmet - Pink

The Champion X-Air Plus Helmet offers a complex array of safety and head adjustment benefits. It comes with breathable mesh panel inserts, a four point heatformed synthetic suede harness and lining with rear lacing adjustment. It also comes with a lightweight injection moulded ABS shell and a highly ventilated airflow system.

Gatehouse Chelsea Air Flow Pro Suedette Riding Hat

The Gatehouse Chelsea Air Flow Pro Suedette Riding Hat is a slim, sleek and elegant piece of riding headgear. You'll get maximum protection matched with a quick drying and wicking padded liner that can be removed for easy washing.

Champion CPX3000 Deluxe - Navy

Every horse-obsessive needs a stylish velvet covered riding hat. Perfect for the smartest events and competitions, it matches timeless style with a lightweight injection moulded ABS shell, a shock absorbing peak and a handy quick-release buckle.

Post By Ed Mason