There are plenty of products on the market designed to relieve your joint pain and muscle soreness, but there are very few solutions offering alleviation that both targets and soothes the effective areas using natural ingredients...

From sports injuries to persistent or chronic pain, Mint-Ease is a cooling and refreshing remedy that anyone can use. If you're not sure exactly what Mint-Ease does or how it works, Waterman's will guide you through everything you need to know before you buy!

What Is Mint Ease?

Mint-Ease is a natural and unique product that helps to sooth and relieve pain or soreness when applied to the skin. Once activated on the specific area, it creates a calm, cooling effect which transforms into a feeling of relaxing warmth

What Is Mint Ease Made From?

Mint-Ease is a completely natural product that uses pure ethereal mint oil extracted from Mentha Arvensis - a perennial plant commonly known as wild mint or corn mint.

The oil from Mentha Arvensis contains a high menthol content and is refined using natural methods to retain its organic purity. The product doesn't contain any additives that spoil its natural qualities, giving you the finest and purest pain relief possible.

What Can Mint Ease Treat?

Mint-Ease can be used for different forms of everyday and chronic pain as well as joint issues or injuries from sport and other fitness activities.

You may use it to treat the symptoms of arthritis or even tendinitis, delayed onset muscle soreness and general muscle pain, aches, tension, stiffness and more.

Mint-Ease can be used when you're playing sport, when you're recovering, while you're sleeping and when you're on the move - removing the need for powerful painkillers.

What Does Mint Ease Feel Like?

When rubbed in or applied to the surface of the skin, Mint-Ease starts by providing a tranquil, cooling feeling which leaves your skin feeling soothed and calm. The cooling effect then dissolves into a profound heat which radiates off the specific area, mimicking the feeling of a massage and stimulating blood circulation in that area. All the while you're treated to a lovely minty fragrance from the genuine mint oil ingredients.

How Can I Apply It?

There are several different ways you can use Mint-Ease to treat your muscle and joint issues, but due to the strengths and consistencies on offer, it's important to know how to apply the various different products on offer at Waterman's before you make your purchase...

Mint-Ease Pure Oil

The most concentrated form of Mint-Ease on offer, this 30ml bottle contains 100% pure mint oil - designed to target very specific areas of pain. This product is strong, so you only need to use a few drops to get the desired effect!

Mint-Ease Roll-On

The Roll-On option is perfect for pain relief on the go and suits those who lead an active lifestyle. The roll-on feels super smooth when applied and offers a revitalising sensation that treats pain quickly and effectively.

Mint-Ease Cream

This is the most popular product for applying Mint Ease - all you need to do is massage liberally into the affected areas while you're at home to achieve the desired results.

Post By Ed Mason