Whether it's a small cut or a minor graze, horse wounds should always be treated quickly, effectively and with the correct treatment. Throughout the life of a recreational or professional horse rider, your animal will likely run into the odd scrape - most of the time it won't be serious but you'll want to keep it that way.

Everyday injuries left untreated can easily become long-term problems such as infections and lesions - resulting in costly veterinary care and periods of recovery that you'll absolutely want to avoid. In our latest blog, Waterman's Country Supplies have compiled some of the very best wound care products you need to tackle injuries whenever they appear. From protective wound care sprays to sunburn soother, insect bite treatments to natural plant extracts, find everything you need to take care of your horse today.

HyHEALTH Antibacterial Powder - 20g

Antibacterial Powder from HY has a drying formula designed to help treat minor wounds commonly seen on your horse such as bites, cuts and scratches.

Robinson Fast Aid Absorbent Lint

A highly absorbent plain wove cotton cloth that is highly effective as a first aid dressing. Absorbent Lint is suited for use over a primary dressing on exuding wounds and provides cushioning protection, particularly on awkward joints.

Barrier Horse Sunburn Soother - 250ml

A summer must-have: Barrier Animal Sunburn Soother helps repair raw and sore sunburnt areas on horses. It also adds factor 25 protection and is long-lasting with rapid absorption.

Thomas Pettifer Sw'itch - 500ml

A great product for insect season, this soothing emulsion contains tea tree and rosemary oils to effectively soothe existing bites and neem oil to help prevent new ones. This proven formulation is ideal for horses or ponies prone to sweet itch, or for general use as an insect deterrent.

Lincoln Aloe Vera Gel - 300g

Aloe Vera Gel is a soothing, cooling and moisturising gel, made entirely from natural plant extract. If you're looking for a gentle treatment designed for the recovery of minor grazes, cuts, sunburn and insect bites, this is a brilliant choice for your horse.

Barrier Horse Embrocation Spray - 500ml

This pure and natural anti-inflammatory spray is one of the best products for equestrian first aid kits. It gently soothes and calms painful inflamed areas on your horse such as muscular strains or swollen joints.

Hygiene Spray - 200ml

When treating cuts, grazes and infected frogs, this Hygiene Spray will be the first product you reach for. An easy to use first aid antibacterial from Equine Products UK that is simple to apply and effective for instant wound treatment and care.

Leovet Zinc Oxide Spray - 200ml

For protective wound coverage, Zinc Oxide Spray disinfects while creating a protective film against wound secretions, sweat, urine, water and other harmful influences.

Post By Ed Mason