If you're looking to find the ultimate torch to throw light on your surroundings, there are a few important things you need to consider before you go ahead and buy. With a vast number of illumination products available, factors like beam distance, battery life, battery type and size can be at once enticing and baffling. Instead, tailor your torch to your activity, task or hobby of choice.

Are you going to be constantly active or on the move while you use your torch? Is your torch going to remain static in a tent? Will it need to blend into your surroundings?

Whether you're hunting or hiking, dog walking or DIY-ing, Waterman's Country Supplies will guide you through a range of great torches to match exactly what you love to do, perfectly.

Clulite (PL-1) Ultra Bright Pocket Light Torch

The torch for hikers...

The Clulite (PL-1) is a modern torch with an incredible 150m beam from a single AA battery. Great for dealing with the demands of everyday hikers, walkers, ramblers and night time strollers, you'll also enjoy a 3 hour battery duration and a slim design to easily carry, pack or strap to your gear.

Caterpillar Rechargeable Pocket Torch

The torch for space-savers...

For more practical and compact requirements, this rechargeable work light can fit right in your pocket. Made from aircraft-grade aluminium with an ultra-bright beam, this torch can also be charged easily with the micro-USB input and comes with a magnetic base and convenient pocket clip.

Caterpillar Slim Torch - Yellow

The torch for tradespeople and professionals...

The must-have work torch for contractors and working professionals, this CAT torch not only comes with 6 high output LEDs, it's slim, water and impact-resistant. It also comes with a pocket clip and magnet for easy mounting and a long 8 hour runtime on full charge.

Clulite (CLU13) Clu-Liter Classic LED Torch

The torch for camping...

Perfect for illuminating tent and caravan interiors, this torch is bright, simple to use and easy to set up on a flat surface. It provides a spot beam of up to 500m and is 4 times brighter than the original with a 5 hour continuous runtime.

Clulite (HL18) Pro Flood 900 Rechargeable Head-A-Lite Torch

The torch for DIY-ers...

Clulite (HL18) Pro Flood 900 is exceptionally useful if you need full use of both hands while working in the home and garden. It comes equipped with a fully adjustable head strap, a three power mode headlamp (low, medium & high) and extra high capacity Li-ion rechargeable batteries.

Clulite (PL-2) Mini Pocket Light Torch - Black

The torch for dog walkers...

Designed to be easily deployed and stored in your pocket, this mini pocket torch is 85mm in length and can produce a super bright and dazzling beam up to 100m. Great for spotting your dog from a distance and lighting up pathways while you're out walking in the evening.

Clulite (PL-2) Mini Pocket Light Torch - IN BLACK

Clulite CLUB-SP Clu-Briter Sport - 1000 Lumens

The torch for hunting...

Lightweight, splashproof and shockproof, the Clu-Briter Sport is vital for hunting trips and similar country excursions. It comes with a powerful 700 metre beam, an everlasting LED and rechargeable lithum ion batteries that can be charged via the mains, USB or vehicle.

Clulite CLUB-SP Clu-Briter Sport - 1000 Lumens

Post By Ed Mason